What to do in Gijon with children?

What to do in Gijon with children?

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What to do in Gijon with children?
  • What to do in Gijon with children?
  • What to do in Gijon with children?
  • What to do in Gijon with children?
  • What to do in Gijon with children?
  • What to do in Gijon with children?
  • What to do in Gijon with children?
  • What to do in Gijon with children?
  • What to do in Gijon with children?
  • What to do in Gijon with children?
  • What to do in Gijon with children?
  • What to do in Gijon with children?
  • What to do in Gijon with children?

A good option to visit Gijón with children is to organize various outdoor excursions and other activities in closed spaces. We can take various short-distance urban routes by the sea, visit such interesting spaces as the Botanical Garden or the Aquarium that always organize workshops for children, visit the City of Culture and enjoy a play, film or concert. We detail everything below.

Latitude: 43.5424919 Length: -5.6766391
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Gijón is a city with multiple leisure alternatives to do the little ones of the house We propose some ideas that will surely be very attractive to you.

1 Aquarius

It is an incredible playful space and they will certainly like it. It is located on the Paseo de la Poniente Beach, without leaving the center of Gijón. The aquarium, opened in 2006, does not stop increasing his fame and his powerful attractiveness as must visit in the city. During the visit we will see more than 4.000 aquatic individuals, vertebrates and invertebrates, belonging to more than 400 different species. The tour goes through 60 freshwater and saltwater aquariums in which almost all the world's seas are represented.

Gijon Aquarium

Gijón Aquarium

To be like a fish in water you just have to go with the flow. The aquarium of…

2 Botanical Garden

Does not exist nothing similar on the peninsula, neither in dimensions nor in pretensions, and a good tour of the enclosure will only be completed satisfactorily in about four hours of visit.
For children organize throughout the year a series of educational, musical, which are very interesting.

Gijón Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden of Gijón

A visit to the Atlantic Botanical Garden is an authentic experience, an excursion to a…

3 Routes through Gijón


We start the route at the Puente del Piles roundabout and end at La Ñora beach. It is a coastal path of 8 kms that we will walk in about 3 hours, running in an hour and 30 minutes; by bike in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Along the route we will find one of the most beloved sculptures by the people of Gijon: the «Monument to the Mother of the Emigrant», known as “La Lloca del Rinconín”; We will also see the work that exemplifies solidarity through extraordinary stainless steel links made by the sculptor Pepe Noja; the sculpture tribute to Galileo Galilei, Viewpoint of Providence… a journey full of art.

Cervigón coastal path

Coastal path of the Cervigón

Gijón has a large number of small squares and squares, ideal for sitting and reading the newspaper or…

Maybe is the wildest and most leafy route of which we propose. It runs through forests of oaks, hazelnuts, laurels, ferns and eucalyptus. It begins at the Municipal Golf Course of La Llorea and ends on the beach of La Ñora, so it is a good route to discover a spectacular landscape of the Asturian coast and its cliffs.

Difficulty: baja
4,5 kms.
Estimated walking time:
1:30 hours
126 metres.
firm type: nature path.
It does not present great difficulties, but suitable footwear is required in the rainy season and it is well marked.

The river landscape looks like something out of a movie: charming wooden bridges, trees overlooking the shore, waterfalls, water mills... we must always follow the current downstream, even if we come across crossroads, paths and tracks that connect the houses and farms. La Ñora beach has two interesting places such as La Peña Quintueles and El Pedreru del Sorbiatu, where they have been located. dinosaur footprints millions of years old.

Beach of the Ñora

Beach of the Ñora

The Ñora is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches of the Asturian coast, a plant sandpit ...


Difficulty: baja
Travel: 7 kms.
Estimated walking time: 2 or 3 hours
Estimated bike time: 1 hour

The Camocha Greenway follows much of the route of the old mining railway that communicated the La Camocha mine with Veriña, location of the steel mill that consumed the extracted ore. It is suitable for disabled people in the La Camocha-Roces section (6,5 km), whose surface is mixed: asphalt and compacted gravel. The Roces-Tremañes section (0,5 km) is undeveloped dirt.
The Camocha Greenway is located between the La Camocha mine and the Tremañes neighborhood, in Gijon. It has a bike lane and a pedestrian lane.


Sculpture has been inserted into urban planning, helping to transform spaces, bringing them closer to the citizens.
Gijón has very recognizable sculptures, such as the "In Praise of the Horizon" Chillida, an emblem of the city; others are not so, but most of them pay homage to people who are especially significant for Gijón or are a monument to universal concepts such as solidarity.

Praise of the Chillida Horizon

Praise of the Chillida Horizon

It is a work of great proportions erected in 1990 on the Cerro de Santa Catalina in…

The monument to Octavio Augusto, to Pelayo, to Jovellanos... make up these references to illustrious figures, others are more modern: «Solidarity», «In memory», «Cube»...


Text: © Ramón Molleda for Copyright Ramón Molleda

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