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Ubales Lake Route
  • Ubales Lake Route
  • Ubales Lake Route
  • Ubales Lake Route
  • Ubales Lake Route
  • Ubales Lake Route
  • Ubales Lake Route
  • Ubales Lake Route

Glacial waters

Lake Ubales, of glacial origin, is located at 1.690 m. altitude at the foot of Pico Cascayón. It is one of the must-see routes in the Redes Natural Park.

coordinates Latitude: 43.1322479 Length: -5.4147429

There are several possible accesses, from the Leonese and Asturian slopes. From Asturias it is a route that presents several options of route within the trail PR-AS-61. We can undertake a round trip excursion: Caleao - La Fontona, of about 22 kilometers in total, of a low difficulty, or opt for continue from Fontona to Lake Ubales and the village of Infiesta. This last option presents a greater difficulty: the route is longer and not suitable for young children. The first of the alternatives faces a drop of about 400 meters and the second exceeds 1.000 meters. In both cases the demand and danger increases with bad weather, so we recommend doing it from mid-spring to mid-autumn.

How to go up to Lake Ubales?

This alternating road that starts shortly before the Fontona, ascends and It crosses the leafy beech forest of Los Arrebellaos until we reach the Roxecu sheepfold, a beautiful plain where we see old ruined huts. After crossing the river a ascent of just over a kilometer and a half leading to flock of Llede, first, already the one of the Moyones after. Here you can make a brief stop to rest and drink water in a nearby fountain. This fold is completely surrounded by mountains in a kind of circus, with beautiful panoramic views.

The road continues ascending among high mountain meadows and leads to the Collada de Ubales, highest point of the route (1711 meters of altitude), where we enjoy magnificent views of the Brañagallones valley, the Cantu l 'Oso, the Tiatordos and even the Western Massif of the Picos de Europa.

In this collada we take a detour to the right that, without losing height, arrives in a few minutes to the recondite Lake Ubales: small mountain lake that owes its origin to a glacial cirque.

We return to Colláu Ubales and we begin the descent to the flock of the Carbaza, where the route connects with the old Camín de Castilla, which once traveled regularly with the muleteers of the council of Caso. The itinerary continues to the left along this road, and the La Canalina hill is comfortably reached, followed by Pandu Vallegu, where it will not be strange to enjoy the spectacle of some of the chamois flocks that frequent the area. There is no more to descend to the cabins of Pasaoriu by the wide path that leads to La Infiesta, beautiful village final destination of the itinerary.

The tour, which could have been done in just over two hours, has to retrace to return to the starting point: Caleao.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for

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