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Tito Bustillo Cave

Tito Bustillo Cave

Pure Paleolithic

Updated on 6 April 2021
Tito Bustillo Cave

Pure Paleolithic

The cave of Tito Bustillo is one of the great sanctuaries of the Palaeolithic art of Europe. It is part of a network of caverns connected to each other and belonging to the same limestone formation in which other caves opened temporarily inhabited by prehistoric man. In 2018, 50 celebrated its discovery.

Due to current health circumstances the cave will open on June 10.

Ribadesella was one of the world cradles of Paleolithic civilization, with generations and generations of men who grew and multiplied around the estuary of Sella. A perennial continuity of life that extended during 25.000 long years.
The Paleolithic potential in Ribadesella equals, at least, the three most important foci in the world. The complexes of La Garma and El Castillo in Cantabria, and Les Eyzies in France.
From 2008 the cave is HERITAGE OF HUMANITY.

What can we see in Tito Bustillo?

The call Gallery of the Horses, in which the compositions engraved on the rock abound, gathers different figures of this animal along with those of some great bovid of the glacial times (uros or bison) and that of a reindeer. Because of the technical and stylistic similarity offered by these representations, they can be considered as contemporary.

On the other hand, it turns out that in the world scenario there is no known density of sexual motives like the ones that take shape in Tito Bustillo and the Macizo de Ardines.

The phallic representations found are the first sample of male sex within the known rock art. So he keeps it the prehistorian Rodrigo de Balbín, the man in charge of directing the archaeological prospections in the environment of Tito Bustillo. When the research team found the penile sketches designed by the Palaeolithic man in the stalagmites of the cave of the Lloseta, the professor of his extreme singularity already warned. Moreover, the male subject never sought his direct replica in the art of the time; if it did, it was transfigured and animalized. Finding sexual material concerning the male, and so explicitly, gives Ardines' latest findings a new dimension worldwide. «To date, there is no record or documentation of a similar symbology, it may exist, but no one has found it», holds the professor of prehistory.

A central stalagmite rises one and a half meters high and is painted in its entirety with ferric oxide, which gives it a red color. The paint also contains several layers of pigment, creating a thickness that is not usual in Paleolithic pictorial samples. It is, clearly, an act of reinforcement of the sexual motive, red in itself adds to the rock painting a vitalizing value.

The cavern of the Lloseta It is located at the top of Tito Bustillo, at the height of the central gallery of horses. Both caves are communicated through an open hole in the karst framework. La Lloseta, on the other hand, is just a few 300 meters from the also singular Vulvas Dressing Room, a space where the prehistoric ones meant the fertility of women, and one of the few female sexual samples of rock art known to academics.

The latest findings allow researchers to connect ropes in a way that multiplies by far theories about the cultural longevity of Palaeolithic Riosellano. And it is that the antiquity of the new paintings, some 25.000 years, passing through the verification of the intermediate way widely recognized, 10.000 of the Magdalenian, until the 7.000 of Aziliense, show that, at least, the man from Cromañón inhabited Ribadesella for a very long period of 18.000 years, not counting the ones that happened later and that would confirm the 25.000 years in full that preceded the birth of Christ.

Tito Bustillo cave reservations

The processing of reservations for groups can be done through phones 902 306 600 or or calling 985 185 860 for a quick, easy and high-quality service.
Open from March 3 to October 31, 2021.

Opening hours: 
From Wednesday to Sunday, from 10: 15 h. (first pass) to 17: 00 h. (last pass).
Closed Monday and Tuesday, from March 13 to April 11 and on August 8 and 9.

· General: 4,14 €.
· Reduced: 2,12 €.
· Groups from 20 people.
· From 7 to 11 years old.
· Over 65 years.
· Large families.
· International student card.
· Accredited youth card.
· Accredited people with disabilities.
· Individual workshops: € 2,50.
· School workshops: € 2.
Free: Teaching groups and official guides upon request.
· Free access day: Wednesday and May 18 (International Museum Day).

· Visiting is restricted to one maximum number of 15 people per pass, so it is essential to make a prior purchase of the ticket.
· The visits are exclusively guided in Spanish.
· Maximum punctuality essential. The client must go to the reception of the Tito Bustillo Rock Art Center, located 200 meters from the entrance to the Cave, at least 30 minutes before the reserved pass time, to identify their reservation. Otherwise you will lose your right of entry.
· The minimum age to enter the Cave is 7 years old.
· Visits by people with vision or mobility difficulties are not recommended.
· No refunds or exchange of tickets due to cancellation of the client or for not arriving at the Cave with adequate notice.
· No date changes or modifications to the entry typology are also accepted.

Online reservations Tito Bustillo cave

It has all the information about the purchase of tickets, schedules, rates and conditions in the link that we provide. To make an online reservation in Tito Bustillo


Text: © Ramón Molleda for asturias.com

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