The best family plans

The best family plans

Check the agendas

Updated on 19 October 2023
The best family plans

    Check the agendas

    We present a lot of plans for kids: outdoor activities, theater, family workshops and much more. We have prepared this guide so that you can have updated information, since Each museum space has its own agenda linked where they advertise every quarter what events they have organized. This way we don't miss anything interesting.

    · [Palacio Valdés Theater, Avilés]

    This municipal theater has been rescued and rehabilitated in 1992, since this date touring companies, local amateur companies, all the variety of genres have passed through it: drama, comedy, lyrical, musicals... and a new relationship of the city has begun with the Theatre.
    Under the name of sceneAvilés Performing activity is brought together in a common program between the Palacio Valdés and the Niemeyer Center, sharing programming criteria, performance spaces, exhibition calendars, spectators and subscribers.

    Although there are not always events aimed at a youth audience on the bill, It is interesting to consult the agenda.

    Palacio Valdés Theater Agenda

    · [ Shows at Laboral City of Culture ]

    Within the agenda of La Laboral we must highlight the program Come on! to enjoy Laboral City of Culture with shows and workshops designed by and for the youngest audience. Come on! Let's imagine, come on! to the dance, let's go! to the music, come on! to the movies, let's go! to the theater There are five initiatives full of good shows for a young audience.

    Calle de Luis Moya Blanco nº 261. 33203 Gijón/Xixón
    +34 985 185 860

    City of Culture Labor Agenda

    Labor City of Culture

    Labor City of Culture

    The Labor University of Gijón, the name it received in the XNUMXth century, was built during the regime of…

    · [Workshops at the Botanical Garden of Gijón]

    With a modern and non-generalist concept, based on specialized collections of flora. His lines of work focus on the promotion of activities and services, in the scientific, educational, tourist and cultural fields, intended for the conservation and dissemination of plant and natural heritage.

    Inform you because some activities are free, others are not. Prior registration is essential.
    Avda. del Jardín Botánico 2230 · 43.521579, -5.6159
    +34 985 185 130

    Botanical Garden Agenda

    Gijón Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden of Gijón

    A visit to the Atlantic Botanical Garden is an authentic experience, an excursion to a…

    · [Workshops in the Teverga Prehistory Park]

    The Teverga Prehistory Park offers us an entertaining way to get closer to Prehistory through a demonstration of prehistoric themed workshops: We will learn the secrets of prehistoric lighting: by making a marrow lamp, we will get closer to the magic of fire by showing you how our ancestors made fire and what materials they used for it and we will check the effectiveness of some Paleolithic inventions by discovering their possible use. These are examples of some workshops that usually take place in this museum space.

    San Salvador d'Alesga, s/n 33111
    +34 985 764 739

    Prehistory Park Agenda

    The Park of Prehistory

    The Park of Prehistory

    The Teverga Prehistory Park is the ancestral art gallery par excellence, houses the ...

    · [Workshops at the Jurassic Museum of Asturias]

    This center is especially attractive for the little ones in the house, the world of dinosaurs fascinates them. They have an interesting agenda of family workshops, guided tours of the museum with the scientific team, celebrating “Science Week”…

    The MUJA garden, of more than 7.000 square meters, allows us to take a tour of the Mesozoic Era or Age of Dinosaurs, discovering the replicas of the most famous dinosaurs, with detailed information about them, and various original pieces from the Asturian Jurassic.

    The little ones also have another incentive in the MUJA environment: a playground with swings, slides and personalized games, with dinosaurs as protagonists. In summary, a visit with 100% guaranteed success.

    Rasa de San Telmo 33328, Colunga
    +34 985 868 000

    Jurassic Museum Agenda

    Jurassic Museum – MUJA

    Jurassic Museum - MUJA

    In a privileged place on the coast of Asturias a few meters above sea level, is located the ...

    Photo: Jurassic Museum of Asturias

    Text: © Ramón Molleda for Copyright Ramón Molleda