• Surfing in Asturias
  • Surfing in Asturias
  • Surfing in Asturias
  • Surfing in Asturias
  • Surfing in Asturias
  • Surfing in Asturias
  • Surfing in Asturias
  • Surfing in Asturias
  • Surfing in Asturias

The best waves

Asturias is an ideal place to surf the whole year. With breakers for all tastes and a varied coastline where the unpredictability of the next wave, the one that feeds surfing adrenaline, is as fascinating or more so than on any other coastline. Asturias also has its own history of surfing. Among the Asturian legends, myths and superstitions we are told about the «Foameru», a restless child who rides on the edge of the waves, rolling in the foam. It has always been practiced in the Asturian coasts bodysurfing or free body surfing. That is to say, to take advantage of the breaking of the wave and with its impulse to arrive at the shore with body and outstretched arms; swiftly braking on the crest of the wave at the moment it begins to break.

Will in 1962.  when two Asturians: Amador Rodríguez and Felix Cueto, begin the practice of surfing proper on the beach of Salinas, becoming the main promoters of this sport in the Principality. The Peñarrubia clubs and a surfing section in the Covadonga Culture Group, both in Gijón, were then created. In 1967 two Australian surfers, Peter and Robert Gulley, trained in Tapia de Casariego and they create a hobby in the athletes of that area. In 1969 the Bajamar Club was created in this town. In 1971, a scoring competition for the Spanish Championship was held in Tapia de Casariego. In 1972, scoring tests for this national test were held again, one in Gijón and another in Tapia de Casariego.

Nowadays, the concentration of surfers in the «Staircase 10» of the beach of San Lorenzo is already habitual. AND In recent years, world, European, national and regional championships have been held in Asturias. It also caters to all the specialties, the most contemporary: shortboard, or short board surfing, and the original longboard, with long boards that are again more fashionable than ever.

Asturias best beaches for surfing

Of the more than 200 beaches that flood the Asturian geography, perhaps the most appropriate for this sport, the ones that sound the most, those that have an implanted localism, where the legend of the waves summons more expectation or where the different championships have created a surfer trajectory, are the following:

· Rodiles (Villaviciosa). One of the best beaches in northern Spain for this sport. It offers different possibilities. At low tide, at the western end of the beach, strong and long left waves are produced. With high tide and to the East, very good peaks arise. The beach is located in a natural reserve of great beauty. Popularly it is affirmed that here we will find some of the best waves of the peninsula, a tube to the estuary of the estuary many times compared to Mundaka.

Beach of La Grande (Tapia de Casariego). At the western end of the Asturian coast is one of the first beaches dedicated to surfing throughout the Principality. Common site of a European championship, this blue flag sandy area has two spots: one with a sand breaker that waves from right to left, and another with a rock breaker and an ideal left wave at mid-tide. The beach is small but with unbeatable conditions to fly.

San Lorenzo (Gijón). Urban and busy beach, one of the largest in Asturias with 1,5 km long. Throughout it, different peaks form from right to left. On favorable days it works with all the tides, although at high tide it forms counter-waves. At low tide, on the eastern side of the beach breaks a long wave, with sections and fun. The 9 and 10 stairs are a mythical meeting point for surfers. One of the enclaves with greater tradition and roots of all the Principality, with surf club included.

Salinas and El Espartal (Castrillón). Oriented to the Northwest like most of the best surfer beaches of Asturias, it is considered the most appropriate for surfing. Being a long beach you can find everything along the route. There are plenty of right and left peaks, and on the side of the Espartal, to the west, a very good right bar is produced. It is surfed from the 2 to the 12 feet. Holds a lot of sea. It is usually crowded with surfers, because it is close to nuclei with a lot of population.

Spain Beach (Villaviciosa). It is oriented to the North, so its favorable winds are Southwest-Southeast. Its bottom is sand and flat rocks. Your best moment is half tide. It breaks very close to the shore and produces very good waves.

Verdicio (Gozón). Oriented to the Northwest. In good conditions it produces very powerful left waves, with hollow sections.

Xagó (Gozón). It does not need much sea, so you can catch waves both in summer and winter. Being very open, it works with little sea. On both sides of the beach there are very good waves at low tide, although at high tide it also works. It is usually quite busy to be near surfing nuclei such as Aviles or Salinas

San Antolín (Llanes). Very open beach facing the Northwest. It holds a lot of sea and you can surf both at high tide and at low tide. The southwest and southeast winds are favorable. It is not normal to see many people surfing on this beach. But when the conditions are good, you can have a great time.

Santa Marina (Ribadesella). Urban beach that is oriented to the Northeast, so it is sheltered from all winds, except the North. Holds a lot of sea, several peaks are formed. It has surfing tradition, you will always find people in the water, especially in summer (in winter only the classics).

Vega (Ribadesella). Very open beach with Northwest orientation. When the conditions are favorable it gives good waves of right and left. It does not hold much sea, so we could call it summer beach.

· Peñarrubia (Gijón). Good waves depending on the tides, although it holds a lot of sea. It is a beach with sand and boulder backgrounds. There is a flat reef that gives good waves and not very dangerous.

· The Mongol (Gijón). There is a good right wave with different sections that can be caught whenever there is a lot of sea. Its bottom is rocks, which makes it dangerous because, depending on the tides, you have to avoid them.

· Cueva Beach (Valdés). Oriented to the Northeast. Good waves left and right especially at low tide and rising, at mid tide. It is an open beach with a sandy bottom. Its favorable winds are the Northeast and the South.

Otur Beach (Valdés). Also known as «Brutal Beach». It is a small beach, it has right and left peaks that break into sandy bottoms. It does not hold much sea. The favorable wind is the Southwest.

Frexulfe (Navia). Like all the beaches with the best breakers, it is oriented to the Northwest. Create powerful and strong waves, with sections.

Beach of Navia (Navia). North orientation. Long beach with different possibilities and that holds a lot of sea. In the middle of the sand a bar is formed that gives waves of excellent quality, left and right. On its eastern side there is a point called "El Moro" which, when sea conditions are good, produces good rights. It works with all tides.

Peñarronda (Castropol) North orientation. It gives waves with a lot of quality, with bars or right and left peaks. It works with high and low tides, but the best is half tide.

Surf schools in Asturias

Ribadesella Surf School
Its courses and surfcamps are taught on the beach of Santa Marina, Ribadesella, using the Playa de Vega located five kilometers away as an occasional alternative. They offer Surf Camps of 2, 5 and 7 days with accommodation in our Surf House combining surfing with a multitude of activities on the beach, paddle board, skate classes, video corrections, barbecues and many surprises for all our campers. Ask them!

Ribadesella Surf School

Ribadesella Surf School

Surf Camp Ribadesella as a…

Llanes Surf School & Camp
They have been teaching surf and paddle surf classes in Llanes since 1998. The surf school is directed by Fernando Padilla with more than 30 years of experience, a lifetime dedicated to surfing and with exceptional knowledge of Asturian beaches (tides, wind, currents...)
They offer classes, equipment rental, surfcamps and camps for children and adults...

Llanes Surf School and Camp

Llanes Surf School and Camp

The Surf School of…

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