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Recipe «Stuffed onions»

Recipe «Stuffed onions»

Grandmothers stew

Updated on 1 September 2022
Recipe «Stuffed onions»

    Grandmothers stew

    It is said that two cooks from El Entrego, Nina and Conda, were, in the last century, the inventors of these onions, prepared as a vigil dish on Easter days.
    Historical reality shows (and this is stated in the cookbook of Juan de Altimiras, from the XNUMXth century), that stuffed onions were a Lenten food in many Spanish monasticisms.

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    This rich recipe is elaborated by the author of the recipe book, José Antonio Fidalgo Sánchez, renowned Asturian gastronome, who says in the introduction: “Asturias, due to the work of its people (peasantry, mining, fishing, etc.) and for reasons of climate, is a land of good food. Its traditional cuisine alternates and combines products from the garden, the sea, the valley and the mountains”.

    How do we make good stuffed onions?

    • 8 medium-sized onions
    • 2 eggs
    • Bonito canned in olive oil
    • ½ red bell pepper (large)
    • 2 tomates
    • Natural tomato sauce
    • Broth
    • Sal Island

    Recipe to make the best stuffed onions

    • Peel the onions and wash them well. Make a hole for them and fill them with a preparation of shredded bonito and natural tomato sauce, passed everything through the pan.
    • Coat the onions in flour and beaten eggs. Fry them in oil and take them to a saucepan where there will already be a bottom, ratatouille type, made with the onion extracted when forming the holes, the pepper and the tomato.
    • Cover them with broth or water, add the rest, if any, of the filling, and cook over moderate heat until they are soft, but whole. Season with salt at the last minute.

    NOTE: . If you like these flavors, you can add a splash of white wine to the broth. Chilli peppers are not recommended.

    Asturian recipe books

    If you want to know first-hand Asturian recipes, simple but very rich, we recommend you buy the book «Recipes to love Asturias» by Jose Antonio Fidalgo and the book "On cachopos and other Asturian dishes", written by Juanjo Cima.

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