Skiing in Asturias

Skiing in Asturias

Put on your skis and enjoy the snow

Updated on 29 December 2023
Skiing in Asturias
  • Skiing in Asturias
  • Skiing in Asturias
  • Skiing in Asturias
  • Skiing in Asturias
  • Skiing in Asturias
  • Skiing in Asturias
  • Skiing in Asturias
  • Skiing in Asturias
  • Skiing in Asturias
  • Skiing in Asturias
  • Skiing in Asturias

Put on your skis and enjoy the snow

The three enclaves have great facilities to enjoy the snow and allow skiers to stay in quality hotels and rural houses. In addition, the Cantabrian mountain landscape in which they are registered allows other practices associated with adventure sports or hiking. Adventures, activities and excursions that we can do at any time of the year.

Latitude: 43.0718956 Length: -5.3894806
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Asturias has access to three ski resorts prepared for all lovers of this sport. In the council of Lena we find the tracks of Valgrande de Pajares, and in the Asturian border, in the vicinity of the council of Aller, there are the stations of San Isidro and Fuentes de Invierno.

San Isidro Ski Resort

Presents optimal conditions of innivation. Its higher altitude helps keep the snow for longer.

Little by little, San Isidro has become one of the most important ski centers in the national territory. Currently it is placed at the head of the winter seasons of the Cantabrian Mountains. Over 23 kilometers of ski area, and with good possibilities of extension, the station adds 24 tracks for skiing and snowboarding (2 greens, 8 blue, 11 red and 3 black) as well as five off-piste routes and non-marked bottom circuit. The tracks and lifts are divided into four sectors perfectly connected to each other that in turn are divided into two distinct areas. The high zone is between the 1.680 and the 2.000 meters of altitude, and includes the sectors of Cebolledo, Requejines, and Riopinos. The lower area, located between 1.520 and 1.640 meters, includes the Salencias - La Raya sector. Depending on the area in question, the skier has the possibility to choose one or the other according to his level of skiing, whether it is beginner, medium or high.

In San Isidro we will also find 53 «Giraffe» artificial snow cannons in the area of ​​Cebollero, which ensures the quality and quantity of snow throughout the season. For the more adventurous, this center provides the feeling of freedom and tranquility of skiing off-piste. Some routes such as "Los Tubos del Toneo", "El Valle del Silencio" or "Pico Agujas" are preferred by lovers of this modality. Departures are organized from the station with groups of monitors and expert personnel who know the area perfectly and who will help us discover the beauty of the places that surround the winter center. The station is in charge of a total of 60 teachers, all of them trained to impart Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, carving, telemark, snowboarding, competition training and race preparation and marking.

Ski resort of Valgrande-Pajares

It is a more modest ski resort, but due to the wide variety of slopes it has and together with its modern facilities, it can satisfy any self-respecting skier - snowboarder. In 1953 the first ski lifts were installed, being one of the oldest ski resorts in Spain. It has, like San Isidro, a ski area of ​​23 kilometers. Of them, and thanks to the investments made in the last years, 3 kilometers are totally innivados. Artificial snow, the construction of a new ski lift, as well as the adequacy of its accommodations and the installation of several kilometers of wind-breaker converts the center into a modern and well-equipped place. On weekends and holidays, the resort offers the possibility of practicing 19 night skiing: 00 to 22: 00 hours. And if you are interested in cross-country skiing, there are a series of mountains that exceed the 2.000 altitude meters to few kilometers that are ideal for this specialty.

Pajares is also a privileged area for active sports outside of the snow season. In this sense, significant investments have also been made to improve their training for hiking, mountain bike routes, trials, 4 × 4 routes, canyoning or paragliding.

Ski resort of Fuentes de Invierno

It has 14 ski slopes with different difficulty levels reaching 8,39 Km long. The transport capacity of the ski lifts is 8.200 people per hour. With this structure of ski lifts and slopes, the winter season can accommodate a total of 2.800 skiers per day, and is presented with a very good compensation of slopes and ski lifts, where all types of ski levels, from the initiation to the expert, can find varied tracks and adapted to their needs with the aim of enjoying the maximum of white sport.

Snowshoe routes for the whole family

1/ The routes in beginner level snowshoes Through Fuentes de Invierno and San Isidro are routes designed for families. They are organized by the Naturaller active tourism company. In them you can enjoy the snow, the mountains and nature in a very simple way and explore new sensations.

You will be accompanied at all times by qualified and experienced mountain guides who will teach you how to move with snowshoes and progress through the snowy landscape. Enjoying this sport is a very easy process and suitable for everyone, especially for children, adults or people recovering from injuries.

2/ Naturaller also organizes medium level routes. We consider medium level routes to be those in which we add an extra degree of difficulty, which is physical resistance. In them we are active for approximately 5 hours and making stops to eat and get supplies, take photos or drink. These routes can only be developed when there is enough snow and good weather conditions, so we alternate the itineraries according to these conditions.

· PEÑA SALGADA (Sta María port of Somiedo).
· PICO REMELENDE (port of Tarna/Señales).
· LAKE VALLEY – LAKES OF SOMIEDO (port of Somiedo).

3/ Night snowshoe excursion through Asturias
The night snowshoe route is of Initiation Level, on almost flat terrain and walking for about 2 hours. The objective of this activity is enjoy the night landscape of snow, the stars or the moon and the impressive sensation of walking at night in the middle of the mountains. Additionally, in this activity we take special security measures to guarantee and minimize the risks inherent to this adventure activity.



Guided hiking, canoeing, mountain biking and snowshoeing routes through the Cantabrian Mountains and…


San Isidro
The province of León and in the municipality of Puebla de Lillo (Alto Porma region), extending between an altitude of 1500 to 2100 m. above sea level. It has a capacity of 11.960 skiers / hour.

Phone: 987 731 115

Thanks to its border situation between two autonomous communities, the station can be accessed both from the Leonese and the Asturian slopes.

From León (by Valdelugueros): new access by the LE-321 road (La Vecilla - Puerto de Vegarada) following the course of the Curueño river to end in the Riopinos area. From León (by Boñar): N-601 road. Direction Valladolid to Puente Villarente. Deviation direction Boñar by provincial road P-1 until Boñar. From here, 331 road towards Puebla de Lillo and 15 Kms of this municipality is San Isidro by the 332 Comarcal.

From Oviedo: take the A-66 highway from Oviedo to Ujo and turn off towards Cabañaquinta and 253 to the San Isidro port.

From the Puerto de Pajares we will link to Curueño from Villamanín passing through Carmenes (LE-312). We descend towards Matallana until the detour to the Collada de Valdeteja (LE-313), which leaves us on the road that accesses Valdelugueros (LE-321).

Distances of interest León: 83 Km - 68 Km (Riopinos). Oviedo: 66 Km. Valladolid: 202 Km. Madrid: 415 Km. La Coruña: 350 Km.
Regular line of transport: Empresa Fernández (ALSA), León. Tfno 987 226 200.


Ski resort of Valgrande-Pajares

White phone: 985 95 71 23 / Station phone: 985 95 70 97

Access by road can be done by two different places since the station is located between the limits of León and Asturias, at the top of the port of Pajares (1375 meters high). It has a capacity of 10.200 skiers / hour. The altitude varies between the 1.350 and 1.860 meters (difference in level of 510 meters)

The station is perfectly communicated to users, by road, rail or air. Its privileged location allows arrival in approximately 45 minutes from Oviedo or 60 minutes from León, by car or bus. Currently there are regular bus lines that depart from Oviedo, Pola de Siero, Mieres and Pola de Lena every weekend to the station.

From Asturias: A-6 motorway from Oviedo to Campomanes where you must leave the highway and take the N-630 national road to ascend the port to the station.

From León: take the N-630 from León to La Robla, Busdongo and 600 meters from the coronation of the port take detour to the Brañilín (station).


Sources of Winter It is located in the central area of ​​the Cantabrian mountain, specifically in the council of Aller.

Phone: 902 300 450

The winter station is accessed through the new road that starts from the current AS-253 with a length of 577 m. and slope less than 6%. It has 2 parking platforms, one consists of 3.080 square meters and has a capacity for 30 buses, and the other has 6.300 square meters and a capacity for 252 cars.

Distances of interest:

From Oviedo - 65.2 km (approx 59 min)
From Gijón - 95.0 km (approx 1h 17 min)
From Avilés - 99.5 km (approx 1h 18 min)
From the Airport - 112 km (approx 1h 25 min)
From Mieres - 55.4 km (approx 1h 5 min)
From Leon - 71.3 km (approx 1h 13 min)

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