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Santolaya Rice

Santolaya Rice

Updated on 20 April 2021
Santa Eulalia s / n, Cabranes,


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The company Santolaya, that develops its activity from the 2003, centered in the production of artisan dairy products, mainly rice with milk and yogurt, made from fresh milk from the “Trescasa” cabranese cattle ranch.

Our existence is the fruit of the oldest tradition, which makes Cabranes a place from which it has always been able to transform the milk of cows, which graze in this privileged natural environment, in traditional desserts among which it stands out, without a doubt , the genuine rice with milk.

In Cabranes, this recipe is jealously guarded in the heat of the "Llar" where it was previously made, and we have adapted to the new demands of the agri-food industry, without losing that point that makes it different and at the same time authentic.

Proof of this tradition is the fact that the "Rice and Milk Festival" has been celebrated in Cabranes for twenty-five years, a gastronomic event par excellence, where this Asturian dessert is honored and at the same time so universal.

Our products are made only with natural ingredients. As a base of the manufacture we use fresh milk that we collect from a single selected livestock, which allows us to control the quality of the milk and guarantee its sanitary control. The milk is subjected to a pasteurization process to later prepare the desserts in a traditional way.

The selection of both raw materials and natural ferments used in the production process, together with a careful control in production, guarantee the quality of our products, without renouncing the artisan character.

Undoubtedly, the quality is obtained with selected raw material, but the processes of elaboration require a certain time that is not other than the traditional one that was destined in the old "Llares" (obradores). In the elaboration of rice with milk it takes at least two hours of cooking to achieve this creamy texture, and in the case of yogurt four hours of fermentation are required.

Finally, the packaging, labeling and the traditional "requemao" that we apply to rice with milk, are made in a manual way.

Milk pudding
Made with fresh pasteurized milk, short grain rice, sugar, cinnamon, lemon rinds, anise and salt.

Natural yogurt
Artisan yogurt made with pasteurized cow's milk and selected lactic ferments.

Yogurt with blackberries
Artisan yogurt made with natural milk and with real blackberries.

Our factory has been designed following the traditional aesthetics of the area, so that it is integrated into this natural environment, respecting in this way the landscape richness of the council of Cabranes.

Likewise, it is equipped with the most modern machinery that guarantees quality and safety in the production process and at the same time reproduces in the traditional way in the elaboration of our products. It also complies with all regulations that affect agrifood industries and is subject to the periodic controls established in the legislation carried out by an independent laboratory.

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