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Rural tourism in Asturias

Rural tourism in Asturias

Of tourism in the villages

Updated on 26 November 2021
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Of tourism in the villages

Rural tourism has developed in Asturias as in a few places. In the 80 decade the Principality was a pioneer in this sector. In 1987 he convened a congress of Rural Tourism in Covadonga to establish the bases of the same in Spain. Two pioneering initiatives emerged in this congress in Asturias and throughout the peninsula: Taramundi with the Rectoral and Peñamellera with La Tahona.

From those 80 years in which some ventured into something - at that time - very novel, it has been quite a while and rural tourism in Asturias has been developing at the same time as its leisure alternatives: routes, culture, gastronomy, heritage, traditional events, and an endless number of images of authentic beauty.

Each geographical area contributes differentiated values ​​to its own rural tourism, making the leisure resources plural and nuanced throughout the entire autonomous community. The common denominator of this development is quality concept. Asturias bet from its first initiatives for a comfortable, close and familiar lodging. Basic factors to explain the consolidation of your rural tourism.

Asturias tourist offer

Currently, the Principality accounts for 6% of rural tourism in the entire country, being one of the destinations with the highest occupancy level in summer season and out of it. The existing hotel offer has already generated numerous parallel projects, mainly in traditionally depressed countryside and mountain areas. Greater activity in sectors such as indigenous agri-food products, and the restoration.

In addition, the high implantation of companies of active tourism or adventure sports, in the vicinity of the accommodations, they complete an upward analysis within this synchronized development of Asturian rural tourism. The possibilities of rest in Asturias and their alternatives of free time are an extensive list able to satisfy all ages and All public.

Where to sleep in Asturias?

The rural accommodation in Asturias they are of different sign although in all of them the professionalism prevails.

The Village Houses -local denomination for rural houses- they are a magnificent element of promotion and local development for rural areas, as well as being a way of approaching nature, traditions and Asturian culture for all those who decide to enjoy their interiors. They are a type of establishment located in rural areas. They can be hired according to two modalities: [1] Rural houses for rent by rooms, individualized hiring of rooms within the family home, including breakfast; and [2] Full rental rural houses: for the exclusive use of the contracting party, under conditions that allow its immediate use. The Village Houses they are classified from 1 to 3 «trisqueles» in order to their services and are identified with the anagram CA

Rural hotels in Asturias: are those that are located in buildings of singular architectural value or that respond to the traditional architecture of the area. Like other hotels, they are classified from 1 to 5 stars, depending on the services they offer to the visitor.

Tourist apartments in Asturias: The blocks or sets of accommodation units are considered to be composed of a living-dining room, bedroom or bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom or toilet, equipped with all the furniture. Equipped with all kinds of comforts, these rural apartments are part, in some cases, of buildings of traditional architecture: rustic houses, farmhouses or mansions carefully restored respecting their original charm. In other cases, they are buildings of recent construction, faithful to the architecture of each area and normally integrated into the environment that surrounds them. They are classified from 1 to 4 keys in order to their services.

Some Asturian towns are very popular with travelers. Municipalities like Llanes, Cangas de Onís or Ribadesella are almost always among the most sought after nationwide for a getaway or a summer vacation.

Where to sleep in Llanes?

Llanes is one of the most sought-after municipalities in the summer season, for its beaches and its town with an old town with beautiful corners, its marina and its medieval streets. It deserves a visit. The entire municipality has large number of hotel establishments of different categories, we leave you a list of the best:

Sleep in Llanes

Sleep in Llanes

Accommodations in Llanes: the best rural houses and apartments. Direct booking with the best price guaranteed.

Where to sleep in Ribadesella?

The town of Ribadesella is a fishing village with a long tourist tradition. It has an urban beach, very crowded in summer, which offers a promenade with Indian houses, a unique postcard in the Cantabrian. Its Tito Bustillo caves are a World Heritage Site. A highly recommended visit as it has some of the most unique hotel establishments in eastern Asturias.

Sleep in Ribadesella

Sleep in Ribadesella

The best accommodation in Ribadesella: hotels, apartments and rural houses to enjoy to the fullest. Offers and the best price guaranteed, ...

Where to sleep in Villaviciosa?

It is one of the cider capitals in the region, to which they dedicate the Apple Festival, one of the best-known celebrations in Asturias. It has about 15.000 inhabitants. Municipality of numerous landscape resources such as its estuary with a channel of more than 10 square kilometers, declared a Partial Reserve, or the beach of Rodiles, ideal for surfers.

Sleep in Villaviciosa

Sleep in Villaviciosa

Rural houses and apartments in Villaviciosa, to enjoy a getaway near the beach. Discover the Region of ...

Tourism quality brands Asturias

In Asturias we have various quality brands, the brand «Asturian Houses» and the brand «Aldeas Asturias» rural quality that brings together a group of establishments accommodation rural: village houses and rural apartments that offer a careful service in incomparable facilities and environments and are selected by quality criteria.

Rural houses brand «Villages · Tourism Quality»

Rural houses brand «Villages · Tourism Quality»

Quality club: the best rural houses and apartments in Asturias, selected with criteria of excellence.

Interesting places to visit in Asturias

A good number of towns that you have to visit on a trip to Asturias yes or yes, we highlight those that, due to their idiosyncrasy, landscape or location, offer a special experience to the visitor. We have chosen coastal and inland towns, eastern and western Asturian, a tour of the entire Asturian geography.

Beautiful towns of Asturias

Beautiful towns of Asturias

There are many towns that dot the Asturian geography and many towns that keep extraordinary corners, which surprise; here…

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