Route to La Seimeira Waterfall

Route to La Seimeira Waterfall

Two waterfalls and an outcast to begin with

Route to La Seimeira Waterfall
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    Two waterfalls and an outcast to begin with

    The feeling of stepping on the leaves crossing the forest that leads to the Seimeira and go through houses today in ruins, once full of life, impresses as much as the waterfall itself.
    Santalla, Samartín and Vilanova d'Ozcos are the three councils that make up the region of Los Ozcos, located in western Asturias and which in 2016 received the “Exemplary Town” award, awarded by the Princess of Asturias Foundation.

    Latitude: 43.2648048 Length: -7.0465832
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    When you climb the port of A Garganta, for example, and pass to the other side of that fog with which it sometimes surprises us, yet another part of this paradise appears to us in the form of large meadows, stone houses and slate roofs; rivers that fall from above and that, seeking their way to the sea, irrigate the fields and give strength to mallets, mills and fulling mills. Because we entered the kingdom of the ferreiros; of water, iron and fire, where the Romans left their mark. It is a pleasure to get lost in its forests and creeks, finding unique villages and towns where the rain paints their slate roofs silver. That to begin with. And then already there are rivers, waterfalls or waterfalls. In the Ozcos there are several, and among them is the queen, the Seimeira de Murias, in Santalla. Curiously, in the Ozcos the waterfalls are called seimeiras, but this one has stayed with this title forever.

    The height of the waterfall is 30 meters. His discovery is but the icing on the cake of a route, the PR.AS-116, fascinating and not problematic. It leaves the recreational area of ​​Pumares, two kilometers from the capital of the council, and soon enters through a forest where alder, ash, hazelnut, oak and chestnut trees share space with the Agüeira river. Sometimes stepping on a real carpet of leaves produces a comforting sensation, especially if they are dry, of course. In a short time and in a gentle ascent you will reach the remains of the town of Ancadeira, uninhabited since the seventies. The last landscape before discovering the Seimeira in its fullness is an area of ​​the forest where trunks with strange shapes invite you to photograph them. We have reached the place where, in an explanatory panel, the legend of the "exile" is told, who wandered through these places until the end of his days. And, as it is a long story and there is not enough space here, the best way to get to know it is to go there and show solidarity with whoever starred in it. The route ends with the discovery of the always impressive Seimeira, which baptizes left and right those who approach its base.

    How to get to the Seimeira waterfall?

    From A Veiga / Vegadeo, take the road that goes to the top of A Garganta on the AS-11 until you reach the roundabout, where we head towards Santalla. About two kilometers before reaching the capital of the council, take the SE-2 towards Pumares on the right, where we will leave the car to do the Seimeira route.

    The Morlongo waterfall

    Vilanova also houses, among others, the Morlongo waterfall, at the foot of the AS-13 road. Specifically, at kilometer 24, where on the right, in the direction of the capital of the council from A Garganta, there is a sign that reads: “Cascada”. It is a beautiful place, where you go down a path that, without being difficult, is narrow and steep.. Sometimes it can be muddy, so you have to be careful, with good footwear and prudence, so as not to slip and fall into the river. Downstairs, what you want is to spend a while in silence contemplating this wonderful waterfall in a beautiful setting, a place that becomes unique for those who discover it and make it their own.

    Route to La Seimeira Waterfall

    Book «Asturadictos»

    If you want to know first-hand routes and places like this, we recommend you buy the book «Asturadictos», written by Ana Paz Paredes, journalist and writer, specialist in rural themes of all kinds, gastronomy and tourist routes in the region.

    © · Texts and photos taken from the book "Asturadictos" by Ana Paz Paredes, edited by Delallama Editorial.

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