Rice pudding recipe

Rice pudding recipe

Our most famous dessert

Updated on 31 January 2024
Rice pudding recipe
  • Rice pudding recipe
  • Rice pudding recipe
  • Rice pudding recipe
  • Rice pudding recipe
  • Rice pudding recipe
  • Rice pudding recipe
  • Rice pudding recipe

Our most famous dessert

It is one of the best known desserts of Asturian cuisine and we will explain how to make it delicious.
No meringues to accompany it, mint leaves, raspberries ... and others, there is every recipe on the net and in some books by renowned chefs that scares.
It will be traditional 100%.

Rice with Asturian milk

The Asturian recipe differs from other rice pudding recipes by the creaminess and the burnt sugar and cinnamon. The creaminess is achieved by adding more milk and lengthening the cooking until the rice almost completely melts. We will tell you in a few steps how you can make this delicious traditional dessert in our land at home.

Ingredients of rice with Asturian milk

  • 200 g round rice, bomb type
  • 200 ml water
  • 2,5 l of whole milk, if you can find raw cow's milk better
  • 1 Large lemon
  • 1 Large cinnamon stick
  • 150 g de azúcar blanquilla
  • 1 Pinch of generous salt
  • Mix 100 g of sugar and 10 g of cinnamon powder, for the final burnt of the presentation
  • Optional: A splash of anise, no more than 1 scoop

Preparation of Asturian rice with milk

  • 1 We prepare the lemon, we wash and peel it in a fine way, without leaving much white that then bitter rice.
  • 2 Heat the two liters of milk over medium heat almost to the boiling point. We lower the temperature and remove from the heat, add the skin of the lemon and finally the cinnamon stick. We leave at rest for about 5 minutes.
  • 3 · In another casserole we put the rice with the water, the pinch of salt and bring it to a boil. Once the rice has sucked all the water we remove. We have added little water and the rice will still be a bit hard, with this process we managed to save almost half an hour. We pass everything to the casserole of the milk and boil the rice at very low temperature, stirring every 10 minutes so that it does not stick to the casserole and the flavors mix well.
  • 4 · The process has an hour or so left. We add the half liter of milk that we have reserved. We continue with the low temperature for another hour, always stirring to get that desired point of creaminess.
  • 5 · When we get the rice to be creamy, keeping in mind that when it gets cold it will get a little fatter, we add the sugar. The sugar is always added at the end so that it does not stick, in addition it will also fatten the cream a bit.
  • 6 · Ready. Let it sit 15 minutes, in each container in which we have served a ration.
  • 7 · When we go to serve rice with milk, we will burn the surface.
    We toss a tablespoon of sugar mixed with cinnamon powder on top and we burn with a kitchen torch.

Asturian recipe books

If you want to know first-hand Asturian recipes, simple but very delicious, we recommend buying the book «25 years of Guisanderas de Asturias» and the book "The Art of Cooking", written by the famous cook María Luisa García and currently republished.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for Copyright Ramón Molleda

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