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Palace of Revillagigedo
  • Palace of Revillagigedo
  • Palace of Revillagigedo
  • Palace of Revillagigedo
  • Palace of Revillagigedo
  • Palace of Revillagigedo
  • Palace of Revillagigedo
  • Palace of Revillagigedo
  • Palace of Revillagigedo
  • Palace of Revillagigedo

Art in a palace

In the busy Plaza del Marqués, in the neighborhood of Cimadevilla, we find one of the indisputable emblems of the city of Gijón. The Palacio de Revillagigedo is the architectural landmark with more character of the city.

Latitude: 43.5454597 Length: -5.6637311
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The baroque-style building surprises for its noble sobriety but also for the warm earthy tone of its walls. Between the two crenellated towers extends the central body of the palace, with its own rich and motley decoration of the baroque: imposts, pinnacles, coat of arms, balconies framed in mixtilinear moldings, and on the ground floor a beautiful porticoed gallery with five arches.

Inside is no less surprising, because the narrow corners that open to small ashlar windows contrast with large rooms dedicated to art, in which the spatial amplitude is multiplied with the imagination, delighting us with the exhibition material, always of first artistic category, that hangs from its walls .

The building was declared in 1974, next to the collegiate church of San Juan that has annexed, National Historic Site. It was built at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, at the initiative of Carlos Miguel Ramírez de Jove, first Marquis of San Esteban del Mar del Natahoyo (title granted by Philip V in 1707). In the construction of the building, the family's west tower was used, erected at the end of the Middle Ages, and the palace was completed with the addition of the tower on the right, in imitation of the original one, and a central body arranged between both. .

standing by Cimadevilla neighborhood It is almost an obligation, for walkers who try to get to know Gijón slowly, to enter to verify that the palace is as beautiful inside as it is outside and, in passing, approach the exhibited works that always leave the innovative expressions of current art in the retina. In the immediate vicinity is the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and an ecological market takes place there every month.

In the recent past it was an art center with many temporary exhibitions throughout the year, but currently it opens at certain times of the year for specific events.

Gijón ecological and artisan market

Ecological and artisan market of Gijón

The organic and artisan market is a shopping alternative far from the classic commercial circuits...


Plaza del Marqués, 2
33201, Gijón

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