Asturian corn cakes recipe

Asturian corn cakes recipe

Tradition made bread

Updated on 31 January 2024
Asturian corn cakes recipe
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    They are a very easy delicacy to make - a good corn flour can make the difference -, it is It is common to accompany them with fried eggs and a good portion of chorizo ​​hash; There are also those who prefer them with other types of accompaniment: Cabrales cheese, roasted peppers, blood sausage... or even dipping them in milk.

    The joint use of corn and milk also goes back a long time, in times of scarcity and famine, The grandmothers watered the popular fariñas with milk, which they ate with a spoon and in a deep plate., slightly sweetened.

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    Corn cake ingredients

    • 500 g fine corn flour
    • 100 g of wheat flour
    • Buy
    • Chorizo ​​or chorizo ​​hash
    • Water
    • Sal Island

    Corn cakes recipe

    • 1 Mix the corn flour with the wheat flour and add little by little warm water, in which half a tablespoon of salt will have been dissolved, to make a paste that is not excessively hard and does not stick to your hands. Rest this dough for 10/15 minutes *.
    • 2 After this time, with portions of dough flattened on a slightly damp cloth, the cakes are molded into a circular, thin shape.
    • 3 Next, fry the tortillas in plenty of very hot oil and place them on a platter.

    * We can let the dough rest for a few hours in the refrigerator if there is no rush.

    Did you know…?

    One of the demands of the life of ranchers is caring for the cattle in the early hours of the morning: cleaning the stable and the cows, milking them, putting things in order.

    In order not to go on an empty stomach to carry out these tasks, it was customary to have a snack to "kill the bug." This stimulus consisted of a cup of black coffee with a few pingarates (a splash) of anise or brandy, well loaded with sugar and very hot, of course.

    Once the job was over and home, lunch was enjoyed: fried eggs with half a chorizo, fried patties and half a bottle of cider.

    Asturian corn cakes recipe

    Lunch for Asturians is breakfast.

    Asturian recipe books

    If you want to know first-hand Asturian recipes, simple but very delicious, we recommend buying the book «25 years of Guisanderas de Asturias» and the book "The Art of Cooking", written by the famous cook María Luisa García and currently republished.

    © · Text extracted from the book "Recipes to love Asturias" by José Antonio Fidalgo, edited by Delallama Editorial.