7 Eco Rallye Villa de Llanes

7 Eco Rallye Villa de Llanes





46 Rally Villa de Llanes

    Visa 2.947 times Copyright

    WhenFrom 19-Apr-2024 al 20-Apr-2024

    Latitude: 43.4209709 Length: -4.7554388
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    The 7th edition of the Eco Rallye Villa de Llanes is held next April 19 and 20. The Llanisca town is the center of operations and will travel throughout eastern Asturias. This is a regularity driving test scoring for the Spanish Championship of Alternative Energies CEEA-RACE and for the Kobe Motor Eco Cup.

    The top representatives of this championship and some local participants participate in this event, third of the Spanish Championship, and at the moment there are about twenty. The rally takes place on a road open to traffic and logically respecting the highway code. The route is secret, and will not be revealed to the pilots until the start of the test. The route will be carried out in loops of 150 km followed by battery recharging, and one of these regroupings will take place in the town of Llanes. There are three types of vehicles: hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and pure electric.

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