25 years of the Guisanderas of Asturias

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25 years of the Guisanderas of Asturias

Traditional stews of 10

They are active cooks, with restaurants scattered throughout the geography of Asturias, and also retirees, who continue to maintain that good hand in the kitchen, the same one they had during their long years in the kitchen.

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The Club de Guisanderas de Asturias celebrates its 25th anniversary, and wants to celebrate it with this publication that includes the best recipes from the 37 female cooks that currently form this association. There are 74 recipes in total, where the guardians of the traditional cuisine of this land show us their culinary knowledge inherited from generation to generation, and also how they include new trends in their dishes.

These cooks have received numerous awards of all kinds, but perhaps the one they are most proud of is the award in 2021 of the Asturias Medal, awarded by the Principality, in its silver category, in recognition of their contribution to gastronomy and the Asturian culture, as well as its unquestionable value in claiming the role of women.

The journalist Ana Paz Paredes says in the prologue of this book: «In fact, each and every one of these women have shown us, from the very day they decided to unite to fight together for an authentic and rooted Asturian cuisine, that precisely that love , along with experience and good raw materials, is the most essential ingredient for everything to turn out so rich and so evocative”.


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· Author: Club de Guisanderas de Asturias
· ISBN: 978-84-125807-5-4
Format: 15 x 21 cm
Pages: 224
· Binding: rustic, with flaps.

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