Plans with children raining

Plans with children raining

Proposals to enjoy those days

Updated on 30 May 2023
Plans with children raining

    It is difficult to organize a rainy day with children, sometimes we do not know what to do, more if we are away from home spending a few days. Here we make several proposals for museums and cultural centers that organize a lot of activities for children, from workshops to educational visits. We hope you serve.

    Photo Park of the Prehistory of Teverga.

    Latitude: 43.5014725 Length: -5.2741003
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    1 MUJA Jurassic Museum of Asturias

    The center organizes open days all year round, workshops on weekends and holidays, celebrate International Earth Day... there are a good number of activities planned for the little ones in the house.

    Jurassic Museum – MUJA

    Jurassic Museum - MUJA

    In a privileged place on the coast of Asturias a few meters above sea level, is located the ...

    2 Niemeyer Center of Avilés

    This center has among its planning the project Educa Niemeyer, workshops aimed at family audiences in general, two free adults for each child ticket. Craft workshops, Robotix campus...
    They also organize workshops for young people and tours for schoolchildren, associations and groups of families in general.
    Check the agenda on its official website.
    Schedules: From 10: 30 to 14: 00 and 16: 00 to 19: 30 h. (L
    unes and Tuesdays closed except holidays and holiday periods).

    The Niemeyer Center

    The Niemeyer Center

    The Niemeyer Center is a unique species of its kind, a cultural agglutinator who seeks the…

    3 Centro Tito Bustillo

    In the Rock Art Center they are organized every weekend workshops aimed at a children's audience. Prehistory workshops, archaeological laboratories, prehistoric tools, sounds ...
    Normally they are limited places so we recommend looking at the agenda and through the official website make the online reservation in advance.

    Tito Bustillo Rock Art Center

    Tito Bustillo Rock Art Center

    The rock art center of Tito Bustillo is an ideal place to get to know first hand one of ...

    4 Aquarium of Gijón

    At the Aquarium of Gijón they organize workshops, theater shows, camps, dinners under the sea and a unique show that they call Sleeping with sharks (for school groups), a special plan for the whole family. The activity begins at 20:8 p.m. with a guided night tour, dinner and a fun and dynamic game, a documentary about sharks in the Aquarium Auditorium, and finally, spending the night contemplating the animals that live in the Oceanarium. Activity designed for children and girls between 12 and XNUMX years old, being able to come alone and/or also with adults.

    Gijon Aquarium

    Gijón Aquarium

    To be like a fish in water you just have to go with the flow. The aquarium of…

    5 Museum of Fine Arts of Oviedo

    It is one of the museums recently renovated, expanded, and with a good number of workshops, with free admission and activities.
    Workshops for teachers and schoolchildren, children and young people and family workshops. Creation of stories and narration, dioramas, Japanese binding ...

    It also has programming visits with audiodescription and tactile tours, workshops for people with intellectual disabilities and visits for older people with special needs ...

    Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias

    Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias

    The Museum, inaugurated in Oviedo in May 1980, is located installed in three buildings in the neighborhood ...

    6 Teverga Prehistory Park

    The Teverga Prehistory Park is unique and the replicas are extraordinary. A complete circuit of audiovisuals, documents and reproductions of paintings and engravings from the Upper Palaeolithic, such as the panel of the Chauvet horses or the Lascaux black cow, both in France; the central part of the ceiling of the bisons of Altamira, the dressing room of the hinds of Covalanas (Cantabria)...
    They also have great variety of workshops for all audiences very suitable to enjoy with the family, weekends and holidays in low and medium season, and every day in high season. Duration 30 minutes. Limited places. For group visits, both for children and adults, they have tailor-made workshops for the group. Duration 1 hour and a half (1 hour of visit and 30 minutes of workshop). Participants: minimum 10, maximum 30.

    The Park of Prehistory

    The Park of Prehistory

    The Teverga Prehistory Park is the ancestral art gallery par excellence, houses the ...

    7 Giant Squid Museum

    the kraken he took the ships to the bottom of the sea and ate their crews. This cephalopod also attacked the Nautilus in Jules Verne's work. Since the origin of navigation there are references to this legendary beast that in reality is only a harmless creature with a monstrous appearance. Now we can observe it in detail in this new museum in Luarca.

    Giant Squid Museum

    Giant Squid Museum

    The kraken, as Scandinavians and Norwegians knew giant squid, was an imagined monster that...


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