Access to Lakes of Covadonga 2023

Access to Lakes of Covadonga 2023

Access to Lakes of Covadonga 2023

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    If we want climb to the Lakes of Covadonga keep in mind that access is regulated. A fleet of buses guarantees the movement of all visitors between Cangas de Onís, Covadonga and the lakes. This year, as a novelty, both the information points and the Pedro Pidal Visitor Reception Center will be open and the cleaning service will also work.

    Can you go up to the Lakes of Covadonga by car?

    **** New restrictions for the ascent to the Lakes of Covadonga. The Principality of Asturias has opted for the total closure of the CO-4 highway, thus prohibiting the entry of private vehicles such as cars and motorhomes 24 hours a day until at least next September. ***

    During plan activation periods, only authorized vehicles and plan buses and taxis may travel on the CO-4 highway. The bicycles have free rise.

    • The acquisition of tickets, which guarantees reservation of place at the chosen time, will be made through the web and other digital platforms.
    This year a new protocol for the ticket purchase, what It can be done online in advance. This formula will guarantee users a place at the chosen round trip time. However, there will also be flexibility to make changes.
    Travelers who purchase their tickets in person will not have a guaranteed place, so the General Directorate of Mobility and the Transport Consortium of Asturias recommend users to use the advance sales channels, in order to organize the visit with greater comfort and security.

    ***The cost of the trip remains at 9 euros for adults who make the complete round trip to the Lakes of Covadonga.

    2023 SCHEDULES

    In addition, the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Territorial Cohesion has increased to almost double the number of days with information service in the natural environment, a service that will be operational this year 301 days compared to 173 days in 2022.

    Buses leave from Cangas de Onís Bus Station, where there is parking, and from three other points along the way to the Sanctuary of Covadonga.

    · Cangas de Onís bus station, open every day of operation.
    · El Bosque car park, open from July 1 to September 7.
    · Muñigu car park, open from July 1 to September 7.
    · Repelao car park, open every day of operation.

    How much does it cost to go up to the Lakes of Covadonga?

    Rates 2023
    · Adult bus ticket (round trip, valid all day): €9.
    · Bus ticket minor of 12 years (valid all day): 3,50 €.
    · Minus bus ticket of 3 years (valid all day): free.
    · Bus ticket Cangas de Onís-Covadonga (one way): 1,55 €.

    Attention telephone numbers

    For any questions about the schedules you can call the phone 985 84 83 73.


    Lakes of Covadonga

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    Source: Government of the Principality of Asturias.