Viewpoints of Asturias
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Viewpoints of Asturias

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Many are the corners that will make you fall in love with the map of Asturias. If you are thinking of making a getaway, here you have a lot of routes and very interesting places, with beaches, towns and cities and a Asturias agenda with highlights.
Ecotourism Picos de Europa: Onís
Ecotourism Picos de Europa: Onís
land of shepherdslandscape, gastronomy and ethnography

Enjoy as a family a territory that is always at your disposal to interpret it and explore it, contributing to its conservation. We encourage you to get started in the nature and hospitality of this land with detailed information at all times.

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Rural house tourism makes Asturias the best destination to sleep soundly, eat wonderfully and go on great adventures. To which must be added the beauty of its villages and landscapes, and the hospitable character of its people.

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Multiadventure Hire the best organized activities in the privileged Asturian nature

Book directly or give away unforgettable experiences: descent of the seal, jet skis, Ruta del Cares, 4x4 routes through the Picos de Europa, brown bear sighting, caving, canyoning, paddle surfing, quad biking and much more.

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Online store Asturias cheeses, beans, cider, cachopo... the best artisan quality to give away

We select for you the best of our land. Asturian products for gourmet palates, made here with the know-how that characterizes us and very rich and tasty raw materials. In addition, we send it to your home for free for purchases over € 70.

Map of Asturias

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Nine areas of great tourist interest

Mountain, coast, beaches, natural parks, forests, villages, cities...

There are a thousand and one Asturias, thousands of towns, hidden corners and incredible places just a click away.


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Asturias has an enormous density of populations grouped territorially by councils and by counties. The map that we propose here is a more general division and of tourist interest.

nine territories well differentiated that in some way simplify the vision of all the attractions of the Principality and serve to better organize your trip. Each area hides lots of options for your vacation. Check it out by clicking on them.