Obona Monastery

Obona Monastery

The monastery inhabited by birds

Obona Monastery
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    The feeling of discovering for the first time the monastery of Santa María La Real de Oubona, in Tinéu, is astonished at the lamentable state in which he finds himself and, at the same time, fullness, because, even so, it is a place of tremendous beauty, which conveys a peace difficult to explain. I discovered this monastery thanks to the painter and sculptor Manolo Linares, a passionate defender of popular culture, of our roots and of history in stone that is falling apart in some places in Asturias. I will always be grateful to him for it, because since then Oubona has been, for me, a unique and special place.

    Latitude: 43.3404121 Length: -6.4795732
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    I have been there many times since I was "hooked" and each time I go the sadness caused by checking his condition is inevitable. Of all the monastic ensemble, the only thing that remains in acceptable condition is the church. The monastery was founded, according to a disputed document, by Prince Adelgaster (bastard son of King Silo) and his wife, Dona Brunilde, in the XNUMXth century. Scholars point out that this Benedictine monastery was built on this primitive in the XNUMXth century. In the XNUMXth century a new monastery was built, remaining only the Romanesque church standing.

    The cloister, with the stone taken by the undergrowth; the rooms, with their broken floors and the walls with some stupid painted ... everything invites you to stay a while more in silence, as those monks would do, and absorb the calm and tranquility that this place transmits; Favorite home of birds that sing welcoming travelers who come there, as pilgrims used to do to drink their good water from the Matoxo spring - dry years ago. Those who want to visit it should ask for the keys at the Casa Santiago or Casa Bernardín bars, in Oubona.

    It seems that a major rehabilitation work is planned by the competent authorities. Hopefully this will be the charm and 2021 is the year that the monastery of Oubona enters the "ICU" of restoration and we will not lose it forever. And you have to see it to understand it and, above all, be there to "feel" it.

    *** Chapter dedicated to Manuel G. Linares.

    Obona Monastery

    How to get to the Obona Monastery?

    Take the N-634 towards Tinéu and, once you have left La Espina, at the roundabout, take the AS-216 to the left, until you reach a new roundabout at the entrance to Tinéu; At this roundabout, take the AS-217 to the left, until you reach a new roundabout where you have to continue straight ahead, slightly to the right, along the AS-350, which leads to the town of Oubona and its monastery.

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