Beach of the Ñora

Beach of the Ñora

Ñora, a beach to admire

Beach of the Ñora
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    Ñora, a beach to admire

    The Ñora is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches of the Asturian coast, a sandy area with a triangular plan which extends over a surface of 7.500 square meters-covered entirely during the phases of high tide. It is located at the mouth of the homonymous stream, whose course delimits the councils of Gijón and Villaviciosa and that we can follow on foot from the area of ​​Deva, in Gijón, to the beach itself, on a highly recommended excursion through the lush landscape of this fluvial course.

    Photo by Nacho AA (Wikiloc).

    Latitude: 43.5479279 Length: -5.5898094
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    The beach is surrounded by a rugged environment and several are nearby where we can take height and see the idyllic picture of this beach: that enters, between the soft cliffs and the green of the meadows, like a warm orange wedge .

    From the Ñora there is a path that leads us to a nearby lookout, all a natural battlement from which the perspective of the beach acquires greater notoriety and beauty. The same happens with the coast that continues east and west. On clear days, from this viewpoint, we will clearly appreciate the profiles of a coastal section that includes two of the most outstanding capes of the Principality: Cabo de San Lorenzo and Cabo Peñas.

    The beach has a length of 250 meters and is formed by sands, rocky outcrops and blocks, which gives it a certain geological hodgepodge that makes it more attractive. In front of it we discover the famous Peña el Romero, which is exposed at low tide. It is a flat and unique stone, paradise for bathers and fishermen.


    Services: the beach has a high summery occupation, it has hygienic services, drinking water, showers, surveillance and parking.

    Activities: it is a good place for swimming and practicing sport fishing.

    Access: two are the starting points to reach the Ñora beach: from the village of Quintueles, following the course of a narrow and steep road; and from the village of La Providencia, in Gijón, descending the cliffs to end on the left bank of this beach, which enjoys a very pleasant walk on this margin, which leads to a viewpoint of the beach and the coast.

    Text: © Ramón Molleda for Copyright Ramón Molleda

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