Nonaya waterfall
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    Nonaya is, as we say in Asturias, a "loving" name. Almost familiar. This is the name of the river that, in the council of Salas, forms in its fall a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the forest, a very special place that nature lovers like to approach and also many pilgrims that, tempted by the sound of the water that calls them, they deviate for a moment from the main road to discover this place that exudes peace and beauty. And it is that the route that leads here and that begins in the Plaza de La Campa, in the capital of Salense, is the one that all those who are doing the Camino Primitivo travel on their journey to Santiago. At a certain point, the path forks, with the one that leads to the waterfall on the right. There is no problem to find it, since it is perfectly signposted.

    Latitude: 43.4183731 Length: -6.2899623
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    Shortly after leaving Salas, you enter a path where the Nonaya river accompanies the traveler. Among some of the surprises of this route, about six kilometers round trip, is the source of the pilgrim, as well as an old loading dock of an old kaolin mine and an area where skins were once tanned. From there the path is gaining height over the river. The bridges under which the flow continues its way to the sea, as is the case of the Borra bridge, with a semicircular arch structure, as well as a second bridge, that of Carcabón, already very close to the diversion to the waterfall.

    And all this for sections in which the forest freshness and that rhythm imposed on us by the sound of water, of the air that passes between the leaves of the trees and also of the footsteps of those who, before one or after one, make themselves heard on the path. At the deviation, to the right, and going down just 300 meters, this waterfall awaits us. Another jewel of the Asturian landscape.

    How to go to the Nonaya Waterfall?

    Taking Oviedo as a starting point, take the A-63 highway and, when you reach the deviation towards Cornellana, without entering the town, take the N-634 road to the town of Rooms. After entering it and crossing a straight with several industrial buildings, you will immediately reach the center of the town, where both the old town and the road that leads to the cemetery yew tree are indicated.

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