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Latitude: 43.3309326 Length: -5.9278641
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Naturaller is an active tourism company based in Asturias that develops guided and self-guided hiking routes, canoeing, mountain biking and snowshoeing through the Cantabrian Mountains and Picos de Europa. Since 2013, carrying out routes, excursions and activities in nature. A great human team that allows us to offer the best.

More than 200 locations. The privilege of being in Asturias allows us to have hundreds of routes and hundreds of beautiful places where you can reconnect with Mother Nature.

The Active Tourism programs in Asturias that we design are aimed at all types of audiences and groups, adapting to different ages and physical conditions and paying special attention to adventure initiation programs, where anyone can delve into the world of mountains, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking and snow. We also have our own materials for rental on the routes that require it.

In addition to active tourism and adventure activities, We develop teambuilding activities, gymkhanas, adventure raids and live games for days of leisure and free time..

The best price, guaranteed. Official companiesBest price guarantee, without intermediaries, without commissions or extra payments.Naturaller is an establishment registered in the Register of Companies and Tourist Activities of the Principality of Asturias With the code: TA-143-AS | TA-01-AS | VTC transport license

· Bike descent of the bear trail from Las Caldas to Oviedo.
· Camino de Santiago by bike.
· Guided routes of various levels (Initiation, Easy and Medium).
· Guided Mountain Bike tours through the Cantabrian Mountains and Picos de Europa.
· Transfer and accompaniment en route.
· Option for self-guided routes with Roadbook.

· Canoe descent Nalón River.
· Canoe descent Sella River.
· Ecological descent of the Esva River.

· Guided routes of various levels (Initiation, Easy and Medium).
· Camino de Santiago from Oviedo.
· Guided mountain tours throughout Asturias: Cantabrian Mountains and Picos de Europa.
· Option for self-guided routes with Roadbook.

DAY snowshoe routes:
· Guided initiation routes for people with no experience and who do not do sports.
· Easy level guided routes for people who do some sports.
· Intermediate level guided routes, for people who play sports and also walk with snowshoes.
· Activity areas: Puerto San Isidro; Winter Fountains; Felechosa; Teverga; Fear; Peaks of Europe.

NIGHT Snowshoe Routes:
· Night stargazing routes and full moon routes.
· Initiation level for people without experience and who do not do sports.

Other snow activities:
· Construction of igloos.
· Gymkhanas in the snow.
· Initiation to winter mountaineering (crampons and ice axe).

Teambuilding is activities designed to foster cooperation, communication and trust between team members.

Some ideas: kayak, bike, climbing, hiking... and to turn it into something different, fun and unexpected, it is brought to the scene in a game, challenge, cluedo, escape or treasure hunt format.

We have fixed locations in Gijón, Avilés, Oviedo and Las Caldas.

· Gymkhana legend of the Castillo de las Caldas.
· Oviedo tourist gymkhana.
· Cluedo has written a crime.
· Team Building orientation raid.
· Agro Olympics family games.
· Las Caldas special operation rescue mission.

coordinatesLatitude: 43.3309326 Length: -5.9278641