Landing of Carlos V in Bowls

Landing of Carlos V in Bowls

A "real" ride

Landing of Carlos V in Bowls
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    A "real" ride

    Fame to Tazones also attributes regal character to him. The royalty of Tazones comes from inheritance.
    On September 19, 1517, Carlos V with his court disembarked in Tazones, without being foreseen and pushed by the bad conditions of the sea at that time. This 2023 the staging takes place on Saturday, August 26.

    Latitude: 43.5452347 Length: -5.3997159
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    In Tazones it is said that nothing less than Carlos V disembarked, owner of an endless empire, on his first trip to Spain the 19 September 1517. We imagine that his landing in the Finite Bowls was like stepping on a tiny but very beautiful planet. He came to take over his crown and in Tazones the discovery of his Iberian kingdom began.

    This is one of the many reasons and merits for which the town holds the title of Artistic Historic Site of the Principality of Asturias. Now, there are people who do not believe that this is a historical fact, but something closer to legend, and one position and another are irreconcilable and tend to feed good discussions. But whether it happened or not, it has taken on a life of its own, given rise to a festive tradition.

    The neighbors annually commemorate, at the end of august, this date indicated with a simulated landing of Carlos V. A staging that from the beginning has attracted thousands of curious, as well as a good press apparatus given the character of authenticity it arouses. Along with the illustrious character of Carlos V they also parade, dressed in period costume, numerous neighbors, representing being the members of his court and servants. The details are so well cared for that if it were true that Charles V had not landed here, then we should not believe almost anything that happens in this world and deny the official story to give more credit to fiction, which also insists on it exists and often engages entire communities in certain and palpable devotions.

    The next day, the acts continue in the town of Villaviciosa, with the walk of the monarch and his entourage through the streets of the historic center of the capital.



    Text: © Ramón Molleda for Copyright Ramón Molleda

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