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Guided tour of Ribadesella

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    Villa de Ribadesella.
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The route begins next to the podium of the “International Descent of the Sella”, a perfect place to start this tour of the beautiful fishing village of Ribadesella. This sporting event has become the Asturias festival par excellence, being the only festival declared of international character in Asturias. We will go back in time to learn about its origins, as well as curiosities about the descent of the Sella and how the people of Rio de Janeiro experience it.

From here we will go to the old town of Ribadesella (declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1973), the “Portiellu” neighborhood to enter the the Plaza de María Cristina where we will talk about the illustrious and most important politician from Rio de Janeiro: Agustín Argüelles, the father of the Constitution of Cádiz in 1812. From the town hall we will head towards the Church of Santa María Magdalena, where we can contemplate the paintings of the dome made by 3 artists from Rio de Janeiro, with a spectacular baroque effect.

We will go along the medieval route that still preserves mansions with coats of arms of important families.

We will continue along the Princess Leticia walk. Did you know that the current queen of Spain is the adopted daughter of Ribadesella?

We will go to the fish market to discover the history of the port. Did you know that until the 18th century it was the main Asturian port?

From here we will contemplate a panoramic view of the estuary to begin walking towards the Paseo de la Grúa where a beautiful walk awaits us until we reach the farín. On the walk we will talk about everything the history of Ribadesella contemplating the murals of the cartoonist and academic D. Antonio Mingote that, with a lot of humor and ingenuity, he created in 2007.

On the left side of the walk we will begin to see the Santa Marina beach with the Indian mansions on the seashore. During the 20th century, one of the most interesting and beautiful architectural complexes in the Asturian territory, promoted by the Marchioness of Argüelles, emerged aligned with the promenade.

After an hour and a half exploring the town of Ribadesella we will end up at the end of the Grúa walk, right at the foot of Mount Corberu where You can go up to the Guide Hermitage and see the best panoramic view of the town.

Of course we will talk about some tradition and the good gastronomy in the area and I will recommend all the places to see both in the council and during your stay in Asturias.

Why visit with me? Because I will make you enjoy and see the land with different eyes. Because I will recommend the best places to visit, because the food is very good, but it is better if someone from the area recommends it to you. Because I will be your local guide, who will help you with everything you need. And most importantly, because I will make you have fun in a pleasant and entertaining way.

  • Guided tour of Ribadesella
  • Guided tour of Ribadesella
  • Guided tour of Ribadesella
  • Guided tour of Ribadesella
  • Guided tour of Ribadesella
It can be done from March 18 to December 22, 2024

Meeting point: podium of the International Sella Descent.


  • Origins of the town and the festival of the International Descent of the Sella.
  • Portiellu neighborhood (oldest part of Ribadesella).
  • Plaza de María Cristina (City Hall).
  • Church of Saint Mary Magdalene.
  • Ribadesella port and fish market.
  • Paseo de la Grúa, to see the history of the town with the help of the Mingote panels.
  • We will finish at the end of the Crane walk.
  • Reduced mobility: it is accessible.
  • Petfriendly: pets allowed.
  • These are the current prices of the activity:
    €12 adult person.
    Children under 10 years free.

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  • The tour can take place from March 18 to December 22, 2024.

  • In the case of reservations without an agreed date or gift reservations, the tour can be redeemed at any time during the current year - within the dates indicated in the previous section - but the client must contact the company in charge 48 hours in advance. to find out availability.
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