Guided tour of the Jesters of Pría

Guided tour of the Jesters of Pría

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We will depart from Guadamía beach. This beach acts as a natural border with the council of Ribadesella. It is a beach with golden sand and crystal clear water. At high tide it becomes a natural pool, however at low tide it is necessary to go to the edge of the cliffs to touch the sea.

It is accessed by the town of Llames de Pría along a narrow concrete road and leave the car in the Llames parking lot. In the event that this parking lot is full, in just one kilometer, following the road there is another free parking lot (Garaña parking lot).

The Pría jesters are geological formations typical of the limestone rock that breathe, which breathe by emitting a jet of pressurized water during storms. On the tour we will explain what they are and how they are formed, and in the event of a storm we will have the opportunity to contemplate them.

We can contemplate in the Cliffs of Hell and the Cliffs of Castruarenes, a splendid view of the Cantabrian Sea. The Cliffs of Hell are of considerable height, we will begin to walk, leaving the Cantabrian Sea on the left and we will reach the Grallas formation, where we will see how erosion has managed to create rock formations of great beauty. We will skirt the Grallas well and return to the beginning of the route where after approximately two hours we will say goodbye.

  • Guided tour of the Jesters of Pría
  • Guided tour of the Jesters of Pría
  • Guided tour of the Jesters of Pría
  • Guided tour of the Jesters of Pría
  • Guided tour of the Jesters of Pría
  • Guided tour of the Jesters of Pría
  • Guided tour of the Jesters of Pría
  • It can be done from March 18 to December 30.
  • Meeting point: Playa de Guadamia, next to the “Playa de Guadamía” restaurant.
  • End of the tour: Jesters of Pría.
  • It is important to arrive half an hour early (08:30 a.m.).
  • Access is through the town of Belmonte, on the AS-379. The car is left in the Llames de Pría parking lot or if this parking lot is full there is another parking lot 1 km away (Garaña parking lot. From the Llames parking lot to the meeting point it is a 10-minute walk, but in summer there is great influx and traffic of cars, so it is recommended to come with enough time in advance. You cannot park outside the authorized parking lots.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, the route runs through cliffs and rocky areas, it is a simple route but appropriate footwear is essential.
  • Jesters are dangerous and we should never approach them, we will always be at a safe distance.
  • The activity is carried out with a Spanish-speaking guide.
  • Not suitable for people with reduced mobility.
  • Petfriendly: pets allowed.
  • These are the current prices of the activity:
    · €25 adult person.
    · Minors between 10/15 years old free.
    · Children under 10 years old not admitted.

    It is necessary to indicate how many children under 10/15 years old take the tour when making the reservation.

  • Once the reservation is formalized You will receive an email with the receipt of your reservation, the telephone number and contact information of the company in charge of carrying out the guided tour.

  • The tour can take place from March 18 to December 30.

  • In the case of reservations without an agreed date or gift reservations, the tour can be redeemed at any time during the current year - within the dates indicated in the previous section - but the client must contact the company in charge 48 hours in advance. to find out availability.
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    The return of the money for cancellation of the activity, due to extreme weather conditions or other force majeure factors that prevent the company from carrying out the activity, will always be made without any type of condition, with the full repayment of the reservation payment, including management expenses.


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