Green trails of Asturias

Green trails of Asturias

Small routes slow philosophy

Updated on 30 May 2023
Green trails of Asturias

    Small routes slow philosophy

    It is already possible to practice the so-called 'slow' philosophy in Asturias: 83 green paths that run through our community, more than 1.300 kilometers to disconnect, walk and / or pedal, being able to choose Asturias, coastal, inland or mountain. There is an Asturias for each walker / passer-by.

    Latitude: 43.3602982 Length: -5.8447809
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    We detail all of them by municipality, some have a report with more information.
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    Green paths of Aller

    PR-AS 30. Route allerana de les Brañes
    PR-AS 31. Sickles of the Pino River

    Route Foces del río Pino

    Route Foces of the Pino River

    The Pino River runs fast, like it did thousands of years ago, endlessly sculpting enormous limestone rocks. He …

    PR-AS 48. Route of the Gumial
    PR-AS 133. Route of the Sources

    Amieva Green Paths

    PR AS-149.1 Camín de la Reina

    Green paths of Belmonte de Miranda

    PR AS-138. Route Salmones Arriba
    PR AS-144. Route of the Castañal
    PR AS-145. Vaqueira Route of Belmonte de Miranda
    PR AS-146. Route from l'Altu la Brnza to Auviñana
    PR AS-184. Archaeological route of Belmonte de Miranda
    PR AS-201. Route of L'Estoupiellu

    Green paths of Bimenes

    PR AS-139. La Baúa Trail
    PR AS-47.1. Mount La Zorea
    PR AS-47.2. Tunnel of Saús
    PR AS-140. Peña Mayor - Trigueiro
    PR AS-141. Senda Los Molinos
    PR AS-142. Peña del Hombre

    Green paths of Cabranes

    PR AS-52. Peña Cabrera Route

    Green paths of Cangas del Narcea

    SL AS-20. Route of the Cueva de Arbas
    PR AS-110. Route of the Cabril
    PR AS-111. Route of the Lagoons of Caldevilla
    PR AS-112. Route of the Cibea Valley
    PR AS-132. Moal Forest Route

    moal forest

    moal forest

    Moal is an Asturian town and also a forest; a green, humid expanse, loaded with trees…

    Green paths of Caso

    PR AS-60. Route of the Waterfall'l Taballón

    Route to the Tabayón waterfall

    Route to the Tabayón waterfall

    To reach this waterfall in the middle of the mountain you just have to put on good footwear that grips well...

    PR AS-60.1. Route Puertu Tarna
    PR AS-61. Route of the Arrudos

    Desfiladero de los Arrudos

    Desfiladero de los Arrudos

    The Arrudos gorge is one of the great river canyons of Asturias and one of the most…

    PR AS-64. Pendones - Orlé directions
    PR AS-65. Cordal of Ponga
    PR AS-65.1. Pendones - Vega Baxu directions
    PR AS-66. Route of Brañagallones

    Route to Brañagallones

    Route to Brañagallones

    La Vega de Brañagallones is a chimerical place, a dream landscape of glacial origin in the heart of the Park…

    PR AS-66.1. Route of the Peña'l Vientu
    PR AS-66.2. Cantu L'Osu route through Valdebezón
    PR AS-124. Route of the Head L'Arcu
    PR AS-125. Nieves - Orlé Route through Llagu Ovia
    PR AS-126. Ruta del Valle del Ríu Mediu

    Green paths of Castropol

    GR AS-19. Cyclist and pedestrian coastal path

    Green paths of Colunga

    PR AS-134. Route between beaches

    Beaches of Caravia and Colunga

    Beaches of Caravia and Colunga

    These beaches occupy more than 3 kilometers from the coast of Caravia and Colunga. Adding the territory of…

    PR AS-135. Route of Gobiendes
    PR AS-136. Route of La Riera
    PR AS-196. Route of the Mysteries of the Sea

    Green paths of Gijón

    PR-AS 170. Route Río Ñora
    Greenway La Camocha-Roces
    Senda del Peña France

    Green paths of Ibias

    PR-AS 6. Route of the Ancares
    PR-AS 7. Piggy Bank Route
    PR-AS 8. Route of the Lakes of Sisterna
    PR-AS 9. Route of the Braña de Llanelo
    PR-AS 23. Route of the Miravalles Peak
    PR-AS 24. Route of the Faena
    PR-AS 26. Route of Las Pallozas de Santiso
    PR-AS 27. Route of the Bustelín Gorge
    PR-AS 28. Route of the Chao da Serra
    PR-AS 29. Seroiro's Dolmen Route

    Green paths of Nava

    Nava Local Trail
    PR AS-45. Foces del Río Pendón
    PR AS-46. Route of the Picu La Múa
    PR AS-67. Route of Santo Tomás de Priandi
    PR AS-147. Path from Ceceda to Cabranes by the Coroña de Castru
    PR AS-148. Senderu d'El Remediu
    PR AS-198. Route along the banks of the Peña River

    Green paths of Salas

    SL AS-22. Path of the Nonaya Waterfall

    Nonaya waterfall

    Nonaya waterfall

    Nonaya is, as we say in Asturias, a “loving” name. Almost familiar. That's what it's called...

    SL AS-23. Walk through Malleza
    PR AS-128. Salmon Trail
    PR AS-131. Upload to Viso

    Green paths of Santo Adriano

    Senda del Oso (Section 1: Tuñón-Proaza)

    The Path of the Bear

    The Path of the Bear

    It constitutes an ideal route for trekkers and cyclists. Its great natural wealth and…

    PR AS-187 Ruta de las Xanas

    The gorge of the Xanas

    The gorge of the Xanas

    The Xanas Gorge is considered the "mini Cares". A route of much shorter distance than the…

    Green paths of Siero

    PR-AS 160. Vega de Poja Path - Picu Castiellu
    PR-AS 161. Senda Les Casuques - Picu Fariu
    PR-AS 162. Senda Saús de Abajo - Mosquito net
    PR-AS 163. Toceo path
    PR-AS 174. Mining of Jovellanos

    Green paths of Somiedo

    PR-AS 10. Route of El Cornón
    PR-AS 11. Route of the Braña de Mumián
    PR-AS 12. Route of the Brañas de Saliencia
    PR-AS 13. Route of Castro
    PR-AS 14. Route of La Peral - Villar de Vildas
    PR-AS 14.1. Route of the Pigüeña Valley
    PR-AS 15. Route of the Lakes of Saliencia

    Lagos de Saliencia

    Lagos de Saliencia

    There are no words to describe them. You have to see them. The Saliencia lakes are a diamond in the rough, one of…

    PR-AS 15.1. Valley of the Lake Route
    PR-AS 16. Route of El Puerto - Lake Valley
    PR-AS 16.1. Braña de Sousas route

    Route to the Braña de Sousas

    Route to the braña de Sousas

    One of the most representative settings of pastoral life, a unique landscape in which man and…

    Green paths of Taramundi

    PR-AS 17. Water Route
    PR-AS 18. Route of the Ferreiros
    PR-AS 19. Route of the Sierra de Eiroa
    PR-AS 20. Route of Bres
    PR-AS 21. Route Sun and Shadow
    PR-AS 22. Route of the Mills
    PR-AS 102. Route of the Ouroso
    PR-AS 102.1. Teixo - Os Teixois directions

    Green paths of Villaviciosa

    PR-AS 50. Route Mariñana de los Molinos
    PR-AS 51. Peña Cabrera
    PR-AS 137. Route of the mills of the Profundu

    The route of the mills in Villaviciosa

    The route of the mills in Villaviciosa

    In Asturias it will be difficult for us to come across a windmill. Due to its geographical configuration,…

    PR-AS 199. Route of the Azabache

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