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Gijón Sound Festival

Gijón Sound Festival

Updated on 12 November 2021
Gijón Sound Festival

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    From November 19 to 27, coinciding with the Gijón International Film Festival, we will be able to enjoy a different and daring festival.
    They will be days of good music and quality cinema in the city of Gijón.

    Christian Löffler, De Pedro, James Rhodes, Las Malvinas, Lorena Álvarez and her lurkers, Los Zíngaros, Maika Makovski, Mohama Saz, Negrón and Silvia Pérez Cruz.
    The Ciudad de la Cultura Laboral Theater and the Albéniz Theater will host the concerts. Gijón Sound Festival tickets, as well as all the information on dates, venues and times, can be found on its official website.

    November 20:
    • 22 h. Maika Makovski. Albéniz Room. 10 €

    November 21:
    • 12.30 pm. Depedro presents “Once upon a time”. Theater of La Laboral. € 18
    • 20 h. Negrón presents “The hands of Orlac”. Theater of La Laboral. € 8

    November 23:
    • 21 h. Lorena Álvarez and her prowlers. Theater of La Laboral. 10 €

    November 24:
    • 21 h. Christian Löffler (live). Theater of La Laboral. 10 €

    November 25:
    • 22 h. The Zigars. Albéniz Room. € 20

    November 26:
    • 21 h. James Rhodes. Theater of La Laboral. € 35

    November 27:
    • 21 h. Sílvia Pérez Cruz presents “Farsa”. Theater of La Laboral. € 25
    • 22 h. Las Malvinas + Mohama Saz. Albéniz Room. 10 €

    How they define themselves: «the soundtrack of the Gijón Film Festival».
    Gijón Sound Festival will have its programming Off festival usual in various bars and clubs in the city.

    All Full schedule of the festival in our attached file. Download it!
    Gijón Sound Festival program 2021

    Source: Mestizo Producciones

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