Botanical Garden of Gijón
Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón
  • Botanical Garden of Gijón

The landscape in a garden

An incursion into the Atlantic Botanical Garden is an authentic experience, an excursion to an earthly paradise reconquered for the present thanks to the planning skills of the human being.

It is a living space, recreated but natural to the maximum, that occupies 15 hectares of perfectly designed land and becomes a great exhibitor, a green and flowery microcosm in which they grow more than 15.000 plants and trees.

Latitude: 43.5214653 Length: -5.6153870
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There is nothing similar in the Peninsula, neither in dimensions nor in claims, and a good tour of the enclosure will only be satisfactorily completed in about four hours visit. Over time it aims to house all the plant species that grow on both sides of the Atlantic. The ambition of the project, and the enormous chromatic and biological variety that it treasures right now, make it a «Garden» unique in its kind.

This close and dense jungle, can be visited in an orderly manner following an itinerary marked that transits throughout four differentiated zones. At the reception they will inform us of the mentioned itinerary and we will also be able to entertain ourselves with the most propitious introduction, an audiovisual tour by ecosystems and flora since the most remote times, when there was hardly any continental differentiation. We move towards the present little by little. Now the forests, the plant species are perfectly cataloged… The Gijón Botanical Garden wants to be the most faithful example of this latest evolution, too aims to raise awareness, instill love for nature so that future times know how to conserve diversity and to correctly value these living beings, long before the human species.

4 spaces define the Botanical Garden

Currently, Asturias it hides a renowned forest wealth. Spaces like those in Muniellos, the beech forest of Peloño, the Network Park… Make it a region of high quality in its forests and in a small biosphere reserve as a whole. The Asturian treasure is perfectly reflected in this immense garden, in the area destined to capture the Cantabrian Environment: beech, oak groves, holm oaks…. shrubs, meadows, amphibian and aquatic plants, also including a good selection of rare and threatened plants.

Forest of Muniellos

Forest of Muniellos

Muniellos is home to the primitive Asturian forest, its densest idiosyncrasy. Visit Muniellos…

The forest of Peloño

The Peloño forest

The interior of Monte de Peloño, this immense beech forest, houses its own vegetation, which allows…

The Vegetable Factory It is another of the proper names in which the Botanical Garden is structured. In this area, the didactics focuses on the admiration of plants as useful beings, analyzing where, how and why we take advantage of them. We will also observe a wide assortment of those that are beyond our control and that grow around us even if we do not want them. Fruit trees from the Old World also flourish (such as apple or citrus trees), and from the New (pecans, avocados, custard apples ...). Finally, the Factory will surprise us with a authentic assortment of orchards from both territories, collections of spices, aromatic and medicinal plants ...

We arrived at Garden of the Island, an enormous stretch of ordered nature, carefully cared for over 150 years by Florencio Valdés from Gijón. The restoration of this beautiful place allows us to see it now with other eyes, as a singular continent of this small botanical planet in which it has been immersed. There is no shortage in this area of ​​the hydraulic devices that were once common in the care work of landscaped spacesneither pondsneither labyrinthsnor the ornamental plants more splendid, nor the majestic and ancient trees, among which we highlight the cedars and plane trees. The collections of shrubs complete this section, as well as an orderly arrangement of species of ferns, bulbous and oriental plants.

We have walked a long time, cultivating our sight and our vegetable learning, and we are reaching Atlantic itinerary, one of the most extensive corners of this park. Here we have sought to recreate entire landscapes, simulations of territories that are basic on both shores of the ocean. It includes the Mediterranean, Caribbean tropical, temperate and boreal biomes of America and Europe, the latter represented by the Carbayera de Tragamón (declared Natural Monument of the Principality).

The nature of the Garden is reinforced by the cultural and ecological initiatives that throughout the year develop their managers. Conferences and periodic cycles, workshops, conferences... From season to season, the cycle of the Atlantic Botanical Garden is also a transition in learning, a higher course in the knowledge of our landscapes. For this we also have a specialized and well-stocked bookstore, a plant store, museography areas and a beautiful glass-enclosed cafe to take a break between classes.

Gijón Botanical Garden Rates

Avenida del Jardín Botánico, s / n
33394, Gijón

Contact number: 985 18 51 30

How to get there:
· By car: The best way to access the Atlantic Botanical Garden is by the A-8 Motorway (Ronda Sur).
Once there, take exit 385 (La Guía, Viesques) and follow the signs to the Jardin.

· By urban bus: Lines 1, 2, 18 and 26. (Also Micro 2 working days).

Adult: 2,90 €.
Senior (+ 65 years): 1,80 €.
Minors 12: free.
Juvenile (12-26 years): 1,80 €.
Group (+ 10 people): 2,20 €.
Annual bonus: 25 €.
Annual family bonus: 40 €.

The SPECIAL RATES, FERTILIZERS and TICKETS FROM PROMOTIONS will only apply on the days of the standard rate, and cannot be used on the days when parties and special events are held.

Gijón Botanical Garden opening hours

Hours from September 16 to May 14: from 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. (Tuesday to Sunday). *Last access at 17:15 p.m.
Hours from May 15 to September 15: from 10:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m. *Last access at 20:15 p.m.
Open on Mondays in July and August.

Source: Gijón Botanical Garden.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for Copyright Ramón Molleda

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