Fun activities with children in Onís

Fun activities with children in Onís

Asturian nature lessons

Updated on 12 June 2024

Onís is a great nature classroom for children, an enviable ecosystem. An excellent place to get up close to the animals of an Asturian farm and interact with them; spot birds and learn about their habitat and customs; recognize the main species of trees in the Atlantic forests; become fond of a family hike in a beautiful landscape full of ethnographic wealth; knowing with amazement another type of much more primitive nature, that in which the megafauna typical of the ice age lived, and a long etcetera.

All this in a friendly land where the landscape inherited from the shepherds reigns, with dreamy cheeses and super healthy gastronomy.

Latitude: 43.3411522 Length: -4.9823966
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Although there are many other reasons for a family vacation in Onís, these four that we propose here already go a long way. We encourage you to get started in the nature and hospitality of this land with this little appetizer. To carry out these activities you will always have very good guides who are, in addition to great professionals, good people from the Onís council.

· Visit to the Happy Sheep Farm ·

In this farm we will meet Pepín the FARMER, he is in charge of caring for and feeding all the animals: the geese, the chickens, Dora the sheep, Margarita the donkey, the shepherd dog Lupo -a hard-working border collie- always accompanies them. The farm is located in the town of Sirviella, just 15 minutes from Cangas de Onís and in a one-hour visit we will feed the chickens, pet the donkey, and take a picture with the sheep and its two lambs. Twins.

In addition, we will give you a demonstration so that you can see our dogs in action herding a small flock of sheep. Our two Border Collie dogs are trained to follow the commands that Pepín gives them through whistles and words that only they understand. You will be surprised by their innate intelligence and instinct!

Sirviella (Onís). Location
the happy sheep

8,00 € / person.
Children up to 2 years free.

The activity includes:
· 1 hour visit with our farmer.
· Food for animals.
· Tools to do some farm work.
· Herding exhibition with Border Collie dogs.

Open July and August.
Visit at 17:00 p.m.
Advance reservation online through the website is essential.

· Glacial Fauna Center ·

A great little museumThis is how this didactic installation could be defined, great for families with children and a wonderful alternative for one of those rainy days that are common in Asturias. The passion of the guides in the explanations infect us with their enthusiasm at all times. The amount of information transmitted to us in just one hour guided tour, makes this cavern become something bigger and more overwhelming at times.

Glacial Fauna Center

Glacial Fauna Center

Human beings who arrived in Europe from the African continent, 40.000 years ago, suffered a climate...

· Rio Güeña Ornithological Trail ·

Learning about birds is more rewarding in settings like this, as it is suitable for all ages and is especially valid for children's learning. We are talking about a small sustainable tourism adventure, a foray into the world of ornithology through pure observation, without any type of direct interference with the observed species.

Ornithological trail of the Güeña River

Ornithological path of the Güeña river

The council of Onís is home to one of the most spectacular ornithological trails in Asturias. It is a path…

· Route of the Mills of the Tabardín River ·

Traveling through these places, the rural world of yesteryear comes to be close and enviable. And that unusual industry that allowed us to transform cereals into flour, with its millstones carved on granite stones, never ceases to captivate us. The water mills, present in the rivers, streams and streams of the most humid Asturias, add up to a fortnight along the Tabardín.

Route of the mills of the Tabardín river

Route of the mills of the Tabardín river

Onís is a council of shepherds, without a hint of contamination, where life passes peacefully. Their …

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