Festivities of San Antonio 2024

Festivities of San Antonio 2024





Festivities of San Antonio 2024
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    WhenFrom 07-Jun-2024 al 16-Jun-2024
    WhereCangas de Onis

    Latitude: 43.3511314 Length: -5.1285396
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    The patron saint festivities of San Antonio de Padua in Cangas de Onís return with great force from June 7 to 16. They are a declared celebration of Regional Tourist Interest.

    The person in charge of proclaiming the San Antoniu festivities of 2024 is Pedro Carrio. He is a retired teacher and lover of the Asturian mountains.

    The proclamation will be 7 June, in Plaza Camila Beceña, in an event directed by Angel Lueje, that day the programming of the festivities will begin, which will last until 16 June, when La Jira will be held and the curtain will be drawn on the celebrations.

    · Friday, June 7
    19:30 p.m. Parade of the City of Cangas de Onís Bagpipe Band and Giants and Bigheads.
    · 20:00 p.m. Proclamation by Pedro Antonio Carrio and presentation of the Queen and Ladies of Honor.
    · 23:00 p.m. Verbena in the Oak Grove, with a performance by the “Charleston Big Band” and DJ.

    · Saturday June 8
    · 23:00 p.m. Verbena in the Robledal, with performances by “Orquesta Cuarta Calle” and “Avalle Van”.
    · Sunday June 9. Children's Day / Retiree's Day
    · 17:00 hours. Giant amusement park, crafts and games. Courtyard of the Reconquista College.
    19:00 p.m. "Duo the Cicada". Town Hall Square.

    · Wednesday June 12
    · 18:00 hours. Parades of bagpipers and Giants and Bigheads.
    · 23:00 p.m. Verbena in the Oak Grove of the San Antoniu Chapel, with the performance of “Orquesta Cinema” and DJ.

    · 09:00 hours. Download of flyers.
    10:00 a.m. Mass in the Chapel of San Antoniu.
    10:30 a.m. Descent of the Santu in procession to the Parish Church of Santa María.
    12:00 p.m. Solemn Mass sung by the Peñasanta-Ramón Prada Choir.
    · 13:00 p.m. Procession of the Saint to his chapel in the Robledal with the Ciudad de Cangas de Onís Bagpipe Band. Auction of the ramu and burning of the Xigante and performance of the AF Picos de Europa.
    · 18:00 p.m. Pilgrimage with “Fernando and his keyboards” and DJ.
    · In the evening, party with «Orquesta Cinema» and DJ.

    · Saturday June 15
    · 23:00 p.m. Parking lot at the Bus Station, with a performance by “Orquesta Neón” and DJ.

    · Sunday, June 16 / LA JIRA
    · 17:00 hours. Distribution of the bollu and the wine for the members. Bus station.
    · 22:00 p.m. Parking lot at the Bus Station, with a performance by “Orquesta La Formula” and DJ.
    · 00:00 hours. The Fires on the Roman Bridge. Verbena.

    ** Photo of the Celebration Society of Cangas de Onís.

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