Electric car charging points

Electric car charging points

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Updated on 10 January 2024
Electric car charging points
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    Electric vehicles are the present and future of mobility. As the number of electric cars circulating on our roads is increasing, we leave you the location of some of the electric stations that you will find in Asturias.

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    It is not easy to offer a list of charging points for electric vehicles, here we offer you some and various links so that you can consult other websites where they have more locations.

    Car charging points in Avilés

    41 charging points for electric cars in Avilés.
    Recharging points in the city of Avilés

    Car charging point in Cangas de Onís

    Bus station. Picos de Europa s/n

    [Type 2 (Menekes) 0.4€/kWh 7.40kW]
    [CCS2 Combo 0.5€/kWh 62.50kW]
    [Type 2 (Menekes) 0.4€/kWh 14.50kW]

    More charging points in Cangas de Onís

    Car charging point in Colunga

    EDP ​​Charging Station
    Location: Jurassic Museum
    43.50252, -5.27648
    [Type 2 22 kW]

    Car charging points in Gijón

    109 charging points for electric cars in Gijón.
    Charging points in Gijón

    Car charging point in Llanes

    EDP ​​Charging Station
    Location: EESS de la Vega Llanes Inn. Exit 303 A-8
    43.43322, -4.85796

    Car charging points in Oviedo

    The city has 40 electric vehicle charging points that Iberdrola has installed. They make the Asturian capital one of the cities with the most public electric lines in the country and the first in Asturias with a similar service. Users of these facilities will be able to recharge the battery of their electric cars with 100% green energy, from renewable generation sources and with a guarantee of origin certificate (GdOs), as detailed by Iberdrola.

    The charging points are distributed throughout the city. In this link you can find out about all the points, the street they are on, type of zone (blue zone/white zone) and the typology.
    Car charging points in Oviedo

    Car charging point in Ribadedeva

    Iberdrola Charging Station
    · Location: Bº Arenas, Franca Exit 277 A-8

    [Type 2 · 43.0 kW / Total: 1]
    [CHAdeMO · 50.0 kW / Total: 1]

    Car charging points in Ribadesella

    EESS Avia Ribadesella
    EDP ​​Charging Station
    · Location: Polígono Industrial Guadamía. Exit 316 A-8
    43.43804, -5.01366

    [Type 2 22.0 kW / Total: 1]
    [CHAdeMO 50.0 kW / Total: 1]
    [CCS 50.0kW Total: 1]

    Wenea Station load
    · Location: Santianes del Agua, N-634 Ribadesella
    43.43112, -5.06246

    [Type 2 50.0 kW / Total: 2]
    [CHAdeMO 50.0 kW / Total: 2]
    [CCS 50.0 kW / Total: 2]

    Car charging point in Villaviciosa

    IT IS Villaviciosa. National Highway 632 km 43
    [CHAdeMO 0.5€/kWh 62.50kW]
    [CCS2 Combo 0.5€/kWh 62.50kW]
    [Type 2 (Menekes) 0.4€/kWh 14.50kW]

    More car charging points in Asturias

    We provide you with a link with more locations Wenea Locator

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