Descent of the Sella: FAQS

Descent of the Sella: FAQS

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Updated on 10 January 2024
Descent of the Sella: frequently asked questions
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    There are many questions that arise when descending the Sella. We have created this post to give all that information in a clear and detailed way.
    We have identified the most frequently asked questions and have tried to make a good FAQ page. We hope you don't miss anything!

    Latitude: 43.3897438 Length: -5.1843462
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    Where does it begin and where does it end?

    The Sella River has a length of sixty-six kilometers, and runs through five municipalities: Amieva, Cangas de Onís, Parres, Ponga and Ribadesella.
    The section that is navigated by canoe goes between the town of Arriondas and the San Román bridge, in Llovio, Ribadesella, is from about 12 km. There are also companies that offer other shorter routes.

    How many hours does it take?

    As we can enjoy several routes, we give you approximate durations depending on the sections chosen.
    At 7 kilometers -> Some 2 hours approx.
    At 14 kilometers -> Some 3 hours and a half approx.
    At 17 kilometers -> Some 4 hours and a half approx.
    We must also take into account if we stop on the shore to have a sandwich or to cool off, the route will be a little longer, but we will enjoy the atmosphere of the river.

    What to bring?

    It is best to take comfortable clothes, even swimsuits, many take a dip along the way. Comfortable footwear that can get wet and with a hard sole in case we walk on the stones when making a stop. Don't forget sunscreen, since we spend many hours exposed without any shade, and the cap. If we put change clothes Perfect, many companies offer showers and changing rooms at the end of the excursion.
    Outside of the summer season, if it is a little cold, they usually offer wetsuits to make the descent.

    What happens if it rains?

    If you have booked the canoe descent on a day that turns out to be a day of intense rain, or if the river conditions are not the most suitable - although in the summer season it is very rare for these conditions to be so bad that the activity is not recommended -, Many companies offer the possibility of carrying out the guided activity or canceling it or changing it to any other day without any commitment..

    What is the best time of year?

    Taking into account only the flow of the river, the best months to do the Descent of the Sella by canoe would be March, April, May and September. However, the largest influx of public is in July and August, which can be somewhat overwhelming. In summer the flow of the river is normally lower, so in some areas the canoes could skim the bottom.
    If you are looking to make the descent more relaxed and enjoy it to the fullest, if you can choose, We recommend doing it in May, June or September.

    What is the depth of the river?

    When the descent is usually done by canoe, the river flows with less water, even so there are deeper pools and we must be careful.

    Can I bring a cell phone?

    Can be carried since companies usually provide waterproof containers to put small personal things.
    If there is an emergency it will always be good to have a cell phone on hand!

    Can I bring my pet?

    There are companies that provide vests so that they are protected, but you have to keep in mind that the insurance of some companies does not cover what may happen to the pet on the river trip. Pets, dogs or cats go down free. Many companies even allow pets into the facilities as long as they are leashed and accompanied by a person. Most are dog friendly.

    How many beach bars are there in the Descent of the Sella?

    There are several that we can find along the way, we recommend stopping at those that are legal, since there are also those that do not comply with the regulations. There are five in total.
    Very close to the exit in Arriondas is the RIVERLAND, and 2 km downstream on the left bank THE OASIS AND THE PRAU. Near Triongo, we find two others very close to each other: EL BOSQUE and LA MEDIANA. In 4 more km after passing the Toraño Bridge, the TORAÑO beach bar.

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