Collado Jermoso Refuge

Collado Jermoso Refuge

Sleep in the heights

Collado Jermoso Refuge
  • Collado Jermoso Refuge
  • Collado Jermoso Refuge
  • Collado Jermoso Refuge
  • Collado Jermoso Refuge
  • Collado Jermoso Refuge

This refuge is located on the La Sotín canal, a perched place from where you can contemplate the Peña with full satisfaction, being a privileged balcony over the Valdeón valley.

We are 2.064 meters high and it serves as a base to climb the Torres del Llambrión, Peñalba, La Palanca, etc. Its location was the idea of ​​Diego Mella. In August 1930 he was passing through here towards Llambrión for the first time and several circumstances led him to think about the possibility of building a shelter: the presence of water in a nearby source that never dries up, protection from the west wind, the existence of meadows in the surroundings, to be an avalanche-free zone… In 1935 it was decided to start the construction of the refuge.

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Latitude: 43.1730118 Length: -4.8690891
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There are four bedrooms with bunk beds and mattresses with capacity thirty places in total. They have duvet, blankets and pillows although the use of sack or sack sheet is mandatory. They have lockers for walking sticks and backpacks.

Dining room It has capacity for 30 people and a free kitchen area. The cook also offers a varied tapas and mixed dishes menu at noon, being able to reserve if you want a menu to eat. At dinners they serve a menu configured to be sufficiently energetic for the practice of sport in the mountains.

We are in a high mountain location and that is why must take into account:
· There is no WIFI, but mobile phones can be charged.
· The energy is obtained to a large extent by solar panels.
· Water in Picos de Europa is limited, showers too, they have limited time and go for tokens.
· They have special menus for diets and intolerances, but it is better to notify in advance.

How to get to the Collado Jermoso Refuge, easier route

From the wire (Cableway).
*** One of the most comfortable accesses to the refuge.

· Elevation gain: + 700 m.
Duration: 3 ½ h - 4 h
Difficulty: medium

From Fuente Dé.
The route begins behind the National Tourist Parador of Fuente Dé.

· Slope: 1150 m.
· Duration: 4 h.
Difficulty: medium

From Cordiñanes

· Elevation gain: + 1200 m.
· Duration: 4 h. - 5 h.
Difficulty: high

From Caben de Remoña

· Elevation gain: + 520 m.
· Duration: 3 h. - 3 ½ h.
Difficulty: medium

Contact details:
636 998 727 (DO NOT receive sms)

Guided tours of Picos de Europa

We propose you here three professionally guided tours to discover in three different ways all the corners of the Picos de Europa National Park.

Trekking Picos de Europa 5 days

Trekking Picos de Europa 5 days


Tour the 3 massifs, sleeping in small hotels and in the mythical refuge of Collado Jermoso and enjoying the rich gastronomy of the area….

Vindio Picos de Europa ring with summits

Vindio Picos de Europa ring with summits


Accommodation and half board in the shelters of Vega de Ario, Vegarredonda, Vegabaño and the Diablo de la Peña Lodge, and ascent to peaks…

Great return to the Picos de Europa

Great return to the Picos de Europa


A comprehensive tour with accommodation included through the Picos de Europa. Five days to get to know in depth the spectacular landscapes of this national park….

Source: Collado Jermoso Refuge

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