Sidrería Casa Niembro
Sidrería Casa Niembro
  • Sidrería Casa Niembro
  • Sidrería Casa Niembro
  • Sidrería Casa Niembro
  • Sidrería Casa Niembro
  • Sidrería Casa Niembro
  • Sidrería Casa Niembro
  • Sidrería Casa Niembro
  • Sidrería Casa Niembro
  • Sidrería Casa Niembro
  • Sidrería Casa Niembro
  • Sidrería Casa Niembro
  • Sidrería Casa Niembro


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Latitude: 43.3260918 Length: -4.8633809
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The Sidrería Casa Niembro is, at the same time, an Asturianu windlass and a farmhouse restaurant with Gluten free 100% chart.

Como chigre is an establishment specialized in serving cider poured and tapas varied to accompany, because when drinking cider it is convenient to eat something to avoid puddling.

The windlass, which takes its name from the device used to open the bottles, is the Asturian temple devoted to cider, a drink that reaches its maximum expression when it is thrown from above, breaks, opens and backs well, has granu, endurance and hit, and fai estrellín. This is what we do at Casa Niembro.

As a restaurant with a house, Casa Niembro has a menu based on the local product and gluten free 100%. Cabrales and other Asturian cheeses made by hand. Cordero xaldu and cider of own production. Kids, lambs and Asturian beef from the farmers of the region. Vegetables and vegetables from the El Nocéu organic production farm. This is our commitment to the countrymen who work the land and the people who come to eat at our house.

Tortos with picadillo, Xaldu corderu a la cider, quesu Cabrales Torcu, frijol pie and Sidra Pamirandi.

The Niembro brothers propose a visit of two parts: the excursion of approximately 2 hours and the espicha.

In the route we will know the JA Bueno cheese factory where they will explain the elaboration of Quesos de Cabrales, they will tell us the Asturian rural habitat organization, the grazing in the ports of El Cuera and the Picos de Europa, we will enter the Cueva'l Quesu -visita to the Cave of the Sotámbanos to explain the maturation of Cabrales Cheese-, the cultivation and the varieties of the Asturian cider apple, we will visit the llagar de la Casería de Pamirandi where the artisan method of cider production will be told step by step Asturian

And finally they offer a Typical espicha Asturian.

More info Ruta'l quesu and cider

'Casa Niembro', was at 2016 considered the best restaurant for coeliacs in Spain, recognition of the users of the Celicidad mobile application that produces a ranking of the best restaurants in Spain without gluten.  

It is not the only award, this cider house was recognized as the best Chigre de Asturias in 2013, and that is that its cuisine is a self-made kitchen, more of stew than frying, and where proximity products such as kid meat are used, lambs xaldos or calf, all of them raised in the pastures of the Cuera.

· Tortos with Cabrales, with picadillo, with ratatouille or with anchovies and Cantabrian anchovies.
· Boronu, Cantabrian anchovies and anchovies. Lion smoked beef.
· Homemade croquettes of ham and cod.
· Asturian cheeses: Cabrales, Caxigón, Cuayau de Peñamellera, Beyos and Bedón.
Cabrales Torcu and Pregondón.
· Salad of Asturian cheeses.
· Pisto and frying pan of vegetables.

· Corderu xaldu to the cider. Lamb and kid from the country to the cider.
· Escalopines, sirloin and Asturian beef tacos.
· Wild boar with chestnuts and homemade meatballs.
· Homemade calluses
· Verdinas with cod.

· Xeláu de turrón, frijol cake, Pamirandi glass and quesu cake.

coordinatesLatitude: 43.3260918 Length: -4.8633809