XXII Chosco Festival 2023

XXII Chosco Festival 2023



XXII Chosco Festival 2023

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    Where Santa Teresa Fairgrounds - Tineo

    Latitude: 43.3336372 Length: -6.4105439
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    El Chosco is a jewel of the charcuterie tradition of Tineo and the cowboy culture of the area, the result of the traditional pig slaughter rooted in these towns in western Asturias. Today it has a seal of gastronomic excellence, being an increasingly common ingredient in restaurants due to its high culinary quality.

    The 2023 festival takes place Saturday November 4 at the Santa Teresa Fairgrounds.

    · Stalls selling traditional food and garden products
    · Craft
    · Children's activities
    · Showcooking
    · Live music
    · Chosco Chef Contest

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