Cheese route through Benia de Onís

Cheese route through Benia de Onís

Gastronomic ecotourism in Onís

Gastronomic ecotourism in Onís

Onís is a peasant "conceyu" that structured its history, culture and economy around the figure of the shepherd. Shepherds and shepherdesses geographically and socially structured the territory, and today they are essential to maintain an integrated ecosystem and landscape in the Picos de Europa National Park and its foothills.

A good way to discover this legacy is through gastronomy. Local cheeses and meats of excellent quality that we will get to know first-hand by visiting cheese factories, caves, cattle ranches, farms, shops, cider houses and restaurants.

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Latitude: 43.3370552 Length: -4.9755297
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Immerse yourself in the cheese world of Onís through a simple circular route of 3 kilometers where you will discover cheese factories, farms, maturation caves and cider mills linked to its most deeply rooted traditions. As a climax, walk through the Plaza de Benia, where you can buy the spectacular Gamonéu cheese with Protected Designation of Origin. The capital of the municipality celebrates every year, every third Sunday of October, the famous Gamonéu cheese contest.


The waters of the Güeña river, as it passed through Benia, started this traditional XNUMXth century mill which we can now visit. Corn was ground in it, along with other cereals intended for both human and livestock food during the winter. The dependencies of this mill currently house the recreation of a traditional house, as well as a cider press, along with other implements and devices for the production of the quintessential Asturian drink.

Vega de Ario Cheese Factory

The Vega de Ario Cheese Factory was pioneer in the elaboration of Gamonéu del Valle for more than three decades. Toño Sanchez, after a long career as a shepherd and producer of Gamonéu del Puertu, decides to found this cheese factory supported by the teachings of his father Cirilo; distinguished shepherd of the Vega d'Ariu and first mountain guide of the Picos de Europa. A completely renovated facility where you can learn the secrets of making Gamonéu del Valle, as well as enjoy an unforgettable tasting-tasting.

Quiliama Cave

The karstic nature of the massif in which Onís is located made human settlements possible since the Paleolithic, in caves like this one in Quiliama that today used to ripen cheese of Gamonéu. Crossing the Ayones river we can access this cave easy access, equipped with the traditional talameras in which the cheeses rest during their maturation.

Cheese route through Benia de Onís

La Huertona Cheese Factory

Located in the heart of Benia, and very recently created, this place that can be visited reconciles the region's cheese legacy with the most modern technology and innovation. The different varieties of cheeses made here always carry the implicit flavors and aromas of the peaks, mountains and pastures, as we can corroborate by visiting their facilities.

Benia. Shops and Restaurants

This "Benia Cheese Route" extends to the urban area, where we can approach the tempting food shops and get hold of the best cuts and wedges of Quesu Gamonéu and other quality Asturian dairy products.

In restaurants and cider houses, in addition to tasting these cheeses in the form of portions or assorted tables, it is almost obligatory to order 100% Onís meat, product of the highest quality from the cattle farms of the conceyu, which always respect high standards in terms of extensive and traditional management of cattle.

Traditional-style stewed veal, lamb and kid stews from the area, roasted rounds or excellent cuts for griddle or grill… We see in the menus of restaurants and cider houses, along with other highly demanded options such as burgers or the famous cachopos.


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