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Caving canyoning combines canyoning and caving techniques in an incredible underground landscape. The Purón speleoravine is located in the Sierra del Cuera, 20 minutes from Llanes, with access only for off-road vehicles.

After an approach of about 15' we enter through the mouth of the cave, a vaulted room gives us an idea of ​​what awaits us. We will advance along the bed of the Purón River, through a wide gallery without much difficulty, until the gallery narrows and the bed is excavated with flooded corridors, some jumpable kettles until we reach the first 7 m rappel, possibly the most beautiful place in the area. cave. We continue through some badinas until we reach a large room, we continue with some descents to reach the long rappel of about 30 m. This rappelling leaves us close to the exit. In total just over 1 km of spectacular landscape, with slides, kettles, climbing and rappelling.

• This activity involves walking approaches and returns to the car of more than 45 minutes.
• The duration of the descent greater than 3 hours.
• Some rappels greater than 20 meters.
Previous experience in canyoning and average physical preparation is required..
• From 15 years old.

  • Canyoning speleo
  • Canyoning speleo
  • Canyoning speleo
  • Canyoning speleo
  • Canyoning speleo
  • Canyoning speleo
This activity is only carried out on specific dates.

Dates 2024
  • from March 28 to September 30.
  • • All the specific material for the activity: 5/4 mm neoprene suit, neoprene socks, helmet, harness, descender, headlamp and anchor lines.
    • Guide titled.
    • Liability and Accident Insurance.
    • VAT.


    • Sports shoes to get wet.
    The ideal is to bring some sneakers that you don't use much, they will get wet but won't get damaged.
    • Swimsuit or bikini to wear under the wetsuit.
    Preferably it is made of lycra so that it does not bother under the neoprene.
    • Lycra shirt to wear under the neoprene (optional, not necessary).
    • Towel.
    • Dry underwear.
    • Dry shoes for the return.
    • A bag to store wet swimsuits and shoes.

    • Once the reservation is formalized, you will receive an email with the receipt of your reservation, the telephone number and the contact information of the adventure company in charge of carrying out the activity. A benchmark company in the sector. A few days before the activity, they will contact you to reconfirm the time and meeting point.

    • If the forecast weather conditions are not good for carrying out the activity, they will propose other alternatives and if you cannot carry it out, you will be refunded the full amount of the activity.

    • This activity can be done from March 28 to September 30.

    • In the case of reservations without an agreed date or gift reservations, the activity can be redeemed during any time in the indicated date range (from March 28 to September 30), but the client must contact the company in charge with 48 hours of notice. in advance to know availability.


    Cancellations and refund of the reservation

    The refund of money for customer cancellation is guaranteed as long as it is canceled 5 days before the agreed date (5% of the amount will not be refunded for online management expenses). The client will also have the right to postpone or replace it with another activity if it is in their agreement. After the aforementioned 5 days, the return of the reservation will only be made for very justified reasons. In the last case, if the client does not go to the establishment or to the place of the appointment before the established time, the reservation will be considered canceled and will imply the total payment of the same by the client.

    The return of the money for cancellation of the activity, due to extreme weather conditions or other force majeure factors that prevent the company from carrying out the activity, will always be made without any type of condition, with the full repayment of the reservation payment, including management expenses.


    The client has the obligation to inform about possible states of pregnancy, paraplegia or cardiovascular diseases before contracting any activity. Likewise, he undertakes not to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or narcotics, as well as any other medication that may affect his ability to react.


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