Canoes along the western coast

Canoes along the western coast

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We organize a route called "Canoes, coves and caves".

From our port facilities in Ribadeo (Lugo) and Figueras (Asturias), we propose Refreshing and fun tours to navigate the estuary and the mouth of the Eo estuary.

With the tide going out, “the tesones” appear, sand banks that shape and condition the estuary. The water is colored turquoise and navigation is comfortable and simple.

We propose 2 and 4 hour tours, with departure and arrival at our bases in Ribadeo or Figueras. Apart from the sporting interest, we sail to the tide mills and the entire Linera cove, the entrance to the estuary of great interest and sheltered from the sea winds, we cross the Santos bridge and face the Illa Pancha lighthouse, to change shore and reach Arnao beach and make the return along the cliff on the Asturian side, where, if the sea allows it, We will enter its suggestive caves and reach coves that can only be accessed by canoe..

  • Canoes along the western coast
  • Canoes along the western coast
  • Canoes along the western coast
  • Canoes along the western coast
  • Canoes along the western coast
  • Canoes along the western coast
  • Canoes along the western coast
  • It can be done all year round.
  • We provide you with the canoe, the vest, neoprene, water and fruit.
  • Accompanying monitor.
  • Accident and liability insurance
  • These are the current prices of the activity:
    €30 adult person.
    €23 less. From 5 years, and depending on weather conditions.

    Minimum group of three people.

  • Once the reservation is formalized You will receive an email with the receipt of your reservation, the telephone number and contact information of the company in charge of carrying out the active tourism experience.

  • The activity can be carried out all year round.

  • In the case of reservations without an agreed date or gift reservations, the activity can be redeemed at any time during the current year, but the client must contact the company in charge 48 hours in advance to find out availability.
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    The refund of money for cancellation of the activity, due to extreme weather reasons or other force majeure factors that prevent the company from carrying out the activity, will always be made without any type of condition, with the full repayment of the reservation payment, including management expenses.


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