Funicular of Bulnes

Funicular of Bulnes

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Updated on 10 June 2024
Funicular of Bulnes
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    The quickest way to get to the Cabraliega town of Bulnes is by taking the funicular, which has been in operation since 2001 and covers a distance of 2.227 km.

    Latitude: 43.2580795 Length: -4.8305888
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    Getting to the town of Bulnes is easier since 2001. Here we give you all the answers to the most frequent questions related to the funicular.

    Where do you take the Bulnes Funicular?

    We just have to go to the cabraliega town of Poncebos, in the Picos de Europa. To get to Poncebos we will turn off on the AS-114 as it passes through Arenas de Cabrales and we will travel the 6 kms. away. There is clear signage in this regard. In Poncebos is the entrance to the facility, with a parking area.

    In the summer season, the summer months, it is It is important to find out about access to Poncebos, restricted by the large number of visitors to the Del Cares route, the climb to Sotres or the funicular to Bulnes. You have all the information in this link.

    Cares Route transport plan 2024

    Cares Route transport plan 2024

    This year 2024, in order to avoid traffic jams and offer an alternative to the many...

    Funicular de Bulnes: timetables and prices

    · High season from 10:00 h. at 20:00 p.m.
    From February 10 to 13;
    From March 23 to 31 and April 1;
    From May 1 to 5;
    The months of June, July, August and September;
    From October 1 to 6 and from 11 to 13;
    From November 1 to 3 and 11;
    From the 6 to the 8 of December.

    · Low season from 10:00 h. at 12:30 h. and from 14:00 p.m. at 18:00 p.m.
    The rest of the year.

    Each 30 minutes. From Monday to Friday, a trip to the 8 takes place: 30 hours.

    How much does the Funicular to Bulnes cost?

    Normal ticket one address: 17,61 euros
    Normal round trip ticket: 22,16 euros
    Children ticket (4 to 12 years) one address: 4,32 euros
    Children ticket (4 to 12 years) round trip: 6,71 euros

    How long does the Bulnes Funicular take?

    The journeys last only seven minutes and we will be upstairs enjoying a unique environment.

    Where can you buy the ticket for the Funicular to Bulnes?

    You can purchase your tickets at Alsa sales points, through 902 42 22 42 or at the funicular ticket offices from 9:30 a.m.
    Important: the ticket purchased online will only serve as proof, and must be exchanged for a ticket at the point of sale located at the entrance to the funicular.

    Bulnes funicular: pets

    Dogs are allowed, tied, and if they are a dangerous breed they are muzzled.

    Bulnes Funicular: phone 985 84 68 00

    Tourist Office of Arenas de Cabrales (Summer and long weekends) Tel .: 985 84 64 84
    City Hall of Carreña de Cabrales Tel: 985 84 50 21

    What to do near Bulnes?

    Once in Bulnes there are several routes that we can do. Some have difficulty and it is good to find out beforehand, you must go prepared for the mountain with warm clothes, suitable footwear and drink / food. If we do not move from the town of Bulnes we can walk through its narrow streets, sit by the river, enjoy the local cuisine and take a deep breath to recharge our batteries.

    Bulnes Route Majada de Arnández

    Route Bulnes Majada de Arnández

    A short distance from the town of Bulnes there is a bucolic and charming corner with excellent views over the …

    Route from Bulnes to Picu Urriellu [By Camburero]

    Route from Bulnes to Picu Urriellu [By Camburero]

    Historical route to ascend to the Vega de Urriellu, with interest also of a geological nature to the…

    Route to Collado Cerredo

    Route to Collado Cerredo

    We propose in this, a route of extraordinary beauty, one of the wildest and most beautiful corners of all...

    Do you want to know the Naranjo de Bulnes and other areas of the Picos?

    They can also be done Guided tours of the Picos de Europa with professional guides. They are tours of several days, sleeping in shelters and rural hotels in the area, thus being able to discover the true beauty of this National Park. Check here the different excursions:

    Great trekking of the Massif Central

    Great trekking of the Massif Central


    In this trek we are going to tour the massif, following part of the Extrem Ring route, sleeping in its mythical refuges such as Collado Jermoso, Naranjo de Bulnes and Jou de Los Cabrones….

    Great return to the Picos de Europa

    Great return to the Picos de Europa


    A comprehensive tour with accommodation included through the Picos de Europa. Five days to get to know in depth the spectacular landscapes of this national park….

    Vindio Picos de Europa ring with summits

    Vindio Picos de Europa ring with summits


    Accommodation and half board in the shelters of Vega de Ario, Vegarredonda, Vegabaño and the Diablo de la Peña Lodge, and ascent to peaks…

    Trekking Picos de Europa 5 days

    Trekking Picos de Europa 5 days


    Tour the 3 massifs, sleeping in small hotels and in the mythical refuge of Collado Jermoso and enjoying the rich gastronomy of the area….

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