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Reservation of activities in is a online platform where different active tourism companies  They put up for sale the advance reservation of part of their services and adventure activities, always under a simplified online contracting system and with all the legal guarantees.

They are the companies or adventure agencies associated with this platform those that receive the amount of the reservations and the last ones responsible for organizing and carrying out the activities, always with the necessary support of their facilities, infrastructures, means and technical and qualified personnel. For greater guarantee and user satisfaction, is concerned with adding to its platform only those contrasted active tourism companies for the quality and safety of its services, companies that in all cases are registered in the Registry of Active Tourism Companies of the Principality of Asturias, take care in detail of compliance with current regulations in the sector and have contracted the required insurance for greater customer confidence.

In terms of failed reservations, and although the refunds of amounts are assumed directly by the active tourism companies associated with each particular activity, will supervise the reservation process online and, where appropriate, refunds of cancellations, so that circumstances not desired by the parties do not occur.

The online sections where the client makes and finalizes the reservation of the activity offer clarity in the process and in the details related to each adventure activity.

  • They make clear the basic price of the service and any other promotional or discounted rates. The price includes the necessary material, both individual and collective, and assistance insurance with coverage in case of illness and accidents.
  • Once the reservation is formalized, they receive an email with the receipt of your reservation, in addition to the telephone number and contact information of the adventure company in charge of carrying out the activity so that you can clarify any circumstance.
  • Most of the active tourism companies present on our platform have the seal of quality "Traveller's Choice" from Tripadvisor:
    quality seal Activities in Asturias
  • In case of reservations without an agreed date or reservations-gift, the activity can be redeemed at any time during the current year, but the client must contact the company in charge with 48 hours in advance to check availability.


Cancellations and refund of the reservation

In most of the activities that are carried out in a single day, and if the contrary is not specified in the specific section of each activity, the refund of the money due to customer cancellation is guaranteed as long as it is canceled 5 days before the agreed date (5% of the amount will not be refunded for online management fees). The client will also have the right to postpone or substitute another activity if he agrees. After the 5 days mentioned, the return of the reservation will only be made for very justified reasons. In the last case, if the client does not come to the establishment before the established time, the reservation will be considered canceled and will imply the total payment of the same by the client.

Important Note: in activities type tour, activities that are usually carried out for several consecutive days and that usually include accommodation, the return of the money is governed by other terms, and in case of cancellation, only the Return if the company is informed with more than 10 days in advance (even 15 days or more, the specific days are specified in each activity)

The money refund due to activity cancellation, due to extreme meteorological reasons or other force majeure factors that prevent the company from carrying out the activity, it will always be carried out without any type of condition, with the full repayment of the reservation payment, including management expenses.


The client has the obligation to inform about possible states of pregnancy, paraplegia or cardiovascular diseases before contracting any activity. Likewise, they agree not to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or narcotics, as well as any other medication that may affect their ability to react.

To participate in water activities it is essential to know how to swim.

Minors must have authorization or be accompanied by a responsible person.

In any case, and especially for advanced level activities, active tourism agencies may choose to carry out a preliminary test and reserve the right of admission.

In many cases, the commitment of the adventure company begins with the contracted activity, so it is the responsibility of the client to transport it to the facilities or to the place where the activity begins, if applicable.

From the confirmation of the reservation, the client will expressly assume all of these General Conditions. In the event that a person registers another / s, he / s assumes in his / s name of her / s each and every one of these «General Conditions».

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