Bonito Roll Recipe

Bonito Roll Recipe

A traditional dish

Updated on 10 March 2023
  • Bonito Roll Recipe
  • Bonito Roll Recipe
  • Bonito Roll Recipe
  • Bonito Roll Recipe

If we talk about the coastal bonito, the optimum moment for its consumption, when it maintains its maximum gastronomic balance, is the second half of July and the first of AugustAlthough it can be enjoyed until the end of September, even October. The recipe for the bonito roll is a traditional recipe from fishing areas such as Ribadesella, a summer dish that was eaten as a family.

In the kitchen his versatility is enormous. Ideal for preparing skewers, toasts, skewers and tapas, as an ingredient for salads, stir-fries, tortillas, pastas and rice dishes. When it comes to making unique dishes, the important thing is to know how to treat it, since it is an elegant product that if it is mistreated when cooking it, it ceases to be so. In general both its noble and less noble parts are chafed if they are cooked too much. Also, not all parts should be cooked the same; Where it has more fat, it is preferable to grill or grill, so that it seals on the outside and respects its juiciness.

Recipe Roll of bonito in sauce

Dish for 4 people
· 650 gr of fresh bonito crumb
· 50 gr of serrano ham
· 3 Eggs
· 50 gr. Of flour
· 2 Scoops of bread crumbs
· 1 Chive
· 1 Garlic clove
· Extra virgin olive oil
· Salt
· Parsley

For la salsa:
· 2 Onions
· 2 Tomatoes
· 1 Garlic clove
· 100 ml of white wine

How do you make the bonito roll?

1 · We make the sauce. Peel and chop the garlic clove and brown it with a splash of oil. Chop the onions and let them fry. We add the wine, we bring it to a boil and we add the grated tomatoes. We fry everything well and cook for 10 more minutes. We crush and reserve the sauce.
2 As we already have it crumbled, we put it in a bowl, checking there is no thorn.
3 · We chop the garlic clove into thin slices and add it. We chop the ham and add it. Chop the chives and add.
We also add a little chopped parsley and a raw egg. We mix and season. We add the breadcrumbs. We wet our hands.
4 We separate the dough in two parts and we place them on two pieces of plastic wrap.
5 We wrap as if it were a candy and give them chorizo ​​shape.
6 We let stand 10 minutes and then we remove the paper.
7 We pass them through flour and beaten egg and we fry in a pan with hot oil.
8 We cut into slices e add to the sauce, let everything cook together for 10 minutes.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for Copyright Ramón Molleda

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