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    Latitude: 43.5864563 Length: -6.2341700
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    Viewpoints of eastern Asturias

    The Mirador del Fitu is the most famous, but there are quite a few more that are included in the list:
    · The Well of Prayer
    · The Mirador de la Reina
    · The Ordiales Viewpoint
    · El Mirador del Pico
    · The Mirador de la Collada
    · Bowls
    La Punta'l Pozu

    Mirador del Fitu

    Mirador del Fitu

    On one of the most famous hills in the Sierra del Sueve stands an old concrete watchtower of ...

    San Roque viewpoint

    San Roque viewpoint

    Es one of the most famous viewpoints from the Asturian coast, and it is not surprising since it is…

    Boriza viewpoint

    Boriza viewpoint

    The La Boriza viewpoint is a unique and spectacular corner, where the gaze never tires of gazing like a…

    If you want to see their situation and all the info about each of them ...

    Route Viewpoints of Asturias

    It is difficult to make a ranking or route through the best viewpoints in Asturias, we propose some of the ones that…

    Viewpoints of the center of Asturias

    · El Mirador del Cabo San Lorenzo
    · El Mirador Flor de Acebos
    · The Mirador de Zuvillaga

    Cabo Peñas

    The Cabo Peñas

    Any place on Earth is determined by two numbers, their latitude and their longitude. The numbers of ...

    Mount Naranco

    Mount Naranco

    Having Oviedo at your feet is a real sensation that we experience from the top of Mount Naranco. A ...

    Viewpoints of western Asturias

    · Cudillero

    Cabo Vidio

    Cabo Vidio

    The powerful Cantabrian Sea has carved this work of art on the Costa Verde, within the Protected Landscape of the…

    · The Mirador del Chano
    · Mirandilla Viewpoint
    · The viewpoint of San Esteban de los Buitres

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