Fiestas of Begoña

Fiestas of Begoña

Gijón de fiestas

Fiestas of Begoña

    Gijón de fiestas

    Conclusion seven days with its seven nights where you can breathe a great atmosphere anywhere in the city.

    A fast-paced week whose starting gun marks it the Day of Asturias in Gijón, with a folk parade through the Wall of San Lorenzo and Popular Jira to Santa Catalina Hill, while the pilots of the Air Force perform aerial acrobatics on the bay of Gijón.

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    The festivities of Our Lady of Begoña, he 15 August, are the culmination of the call Great Week of Gijón.

    Although the summer of Gijon is experiencing a plethoric march from June to September, plagued by celebrations of prau or pilgrimages that are celebrated in the different neighborhoods and parishes of the municipality, it is in August when the folixa comes to a boil in the middle of the urban area.

    In the evening, night is the time to the free concerts, of the first level, which alternate in the stages of the Plaza Mayor, for the most intimate music: jazz, electronic, folk, and the stage of the Poniente beach where popular bands perform, without forgetting the traditional festivals celebrated in the gijonés heart of the walk of Begoña.

    Later, the spree sique by the route, the Arena and Cimadevilla, where the musical variety is still present and the movement focuses on bars, pubs and discos.

    During these days, he does not miss the Cider, the Asturian liquid rises to its particular throne with an event in its honour, the Gijón Natural Cider Festival, which, among other events, includes the delivery of quality awards to the best winemakers, a pourer championship and even a world record, with half the city throwing a butt simultaneously on the beach of San Lorenzo.

    Gijón Natural Cider Festival

    Festival of Natural Cider of Gijón

    To make it perfectly clear that nowhere is the culture of natural cider experienced like in...

    It also takes place this week Taurine fair, somewhat unusual in the Bay of Biscay but with great tradition in Gijón, in which there are plenty of breeders and bullfighters, amateurs and representatives, authorities, opinions and thousand debates. Everyone waits with singular intensity for the opening of the gate in the El Gijón arena of El Bibio.

    The eve of the August 15, Big Day, Fireworks They burst into the sky of Gijón and illuminate it with touches of color. Hundreds of thousands of spectators occupy San Lorenzo Beach and its surroundings to contemplate a pyrotechnic spectacle of remarkable sonorous and visual repercussion.

    Begoña Day, the Paseo del Muro is once again the place where Gijons and visitors meet, this time to dance together the Prima Dance. All participants, children, young people, adults and the elderly join hands and accompany the music with their voices, dedicating a meaningful tribute of remembrance and solidarity to those who one day were forced to emigrate from their land. A few minutes later, in the Promotion area, the Restallón he announces with loudness the end of the festivities.

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