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Barayo Beach
  • Barayo Beach
  • Barayo Beach
  • Barayo Beach
  • Barayo Beach
  • Barayo Beach
  • Barayo Beach
  • Barayo Beach
  • Barayo Beach
  • Barayo Beach
  • Barayo Beach

The virgin beach

This beach of almost 700 meters is a kind of colophon to a nature reserve that exceeds the 3 square kilometers of surface. In the limit of the councils of Navia and Valdés, it has everything to enjoy nature and tranquility: river, sea and forest. The high ecological interest of the area means that we can find practically everything in it. It gathers cane fields, meadows and salt marshes, constituting an immaculate natural spot.

Latitude: 43.5623589 Length: -6.6165590
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The Barayo River forms an estuary at its mouth, where we find other privileged habitats, such as the beach and its subsequent dunes, the cliffs that border it and riverbank forests. It is not difficult to glimpse migratory birds who find in this space one of their natural scales. Species that fly from the north of Europe to Africa and that enjoy the marshes of semisweet water. In addition, in this environment three threatened species coexist in the Principality, such as the otter, the common oystercatcher and the shag.

The sand itself has a unique image. One of the most beautiful beaches in all of Asturias, object of study and management due to its rich ecosystem. It is oriented to the East and has one of the finest-grained sands in the Principality. Its waters are quite appropriate for bathing, not very dangerous and with no relevant underwater currents. However, its appearance open to the sea makes it a windy beach with medium waves, ideal for sailing, surfing, and windsurfing. Also for diving.

En the cliffs that the quartzite predominates and a series of caverns of very beautiful constitution arise. At low tide emerge rocky shapes that offer different colors. Tones that range from dark brown, yellow, orange to red; they are due to inlays of lichens on the rock. Another attraction more than adding to this enclave of privileged biological and geological nuances.

Although Barayo is not officially nudist, this practice is tolerated in the eastern wing. In this same slope, the estuary meets the sea, guaranteeing the bathroom for the little ones thanks to a river pool that is ideal when the tide is low.

Its condition of protected space means that no asphalted road ends at Barayo. It is a beach located in a Rural surroundings and, therefore, keeps its isolated character. Nor does it have parking, equipment or lifeguard services.

Enjoying this beach implies a certain prudence and a great respect to the virgin environment.


How to get

The beach of Barayo is located between the municipalities of Valdés and Navia, which share their space.

From the town of Sabugo (Otur - Municipality of Valdés) taking a second-order road that goes almost to the beach, although vehicle access is prohibited and it is convenient to face the last leg on foot.

From the cliffs of Vigo (Puerto de Vega - Navia), accessible by the NV-2. Once in the village, through a signposted path that leads to a path, with panoramic views included.

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