Bandujo, medieval village

Bandujo, medieval village

All roads lead to Vandugio

Bandujo, medieval village
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    Proaza, one of the councils, together with Santu Adrianu, Quirós and Teberga, through which the popular Senda del Oso passes, also has one of the most attractive towns in the area: Banduxu, known in the High Middle Ages as Vandugio. It can be reached perfectly by road, well signposted on the right at the exit of Proaza in the direction of Quirós and Teberga. Of course, it is a regional road with simple sections and others narrower, with curves and uphill, for which you enjoy wonderful views. Patience and relaxation.

    Latitude: 43.2192230 Length: -6.0712018
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    One of the most photographed neighborhoods is El Palacio, where there are two representative towers, being the circular one of main importance, in which the shield with the coats of the Tuñón, the Miranda and the Bandujo is located. El Campal, La Molina, Entelaiglesia, La Reguera and El Toral are its other neighborhoods. The church of Santa María is also striking, in addition to the significant number of granaries and bread baskets, without forgetting the laundry, the mill and the no less handsome, although it seems strange to say, cemetery, perched on a hill above the El Palacio neighborhood.

    Banduxu can also be climbed on foot. The hiking route is found after leaving Proaza and Caranga Baxu behind on the highway to deviate towards San Martín de Teberga. Then, at kilometer 21, there is a space at the edge of the road to leave the car. To start the route you have to enter the Senda del Oso, after crossing the bridge. The three-kilometer climb introduces the traveler into a forest and a small gorge through which the Regueirín river runs. It has cobbled areas where, with the humidity, it is easy to slip; therefore, it is essential to be well equipped and with the right footwear. The hardest section, also all in stone, is the zigzag climb, very pindian, of about 700 meters, which leaves people in poor shape breathless, but little by little it is reached. You have to take it easy.

    How to go to Bandujo?

    By AS-228, which takes us to the Valles del Trubia, Santo Adriano and Proaza. After crossing the latter in the direction of Quirós and Teverga, and just almost at the exit, on the right, you can see the Banduxu indicator, along a road that goes uphill and through which you pass, before reaching our destination, by Proacin.

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