Auction Campanu del Sella 2024

Auction Campanu del Sella 2024



Auction Campanu del Sella 2023

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    WhereCangas de Onis

    La XI Campanu del Sella Auction It is celebrated on Sunday, April 14 at the Roman Bridge of Cangas de Onís at 18:00 p.m., under the Roman Bridge of Cangas de Onís, will be directed once again by Angel Lueje.

    The 2.500 euros prize awarded by the Cangas de Onís City Council, organizer of the auction with the collaboration of the El Esmerillón Fishermen's Society, will be added to the amount obtained in the bid.

    En el 2018 the price at which the salmon was awarded reached 11.900 Euros and in 2019 it was paid 7.100 euros. In 2022, the El Puente Romano inn in Cangas de Onís was awarded the Campanu del Sella, after disbursing 9.200 euros at a public auction

    The auction is done by show of hands before hundreds of people and media. The Campanula del Sella is the first salmon taken on the Sella riverbank of the season, and its auction is the most important act of Asturias in the world of river fishing.

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