The art of cooking Part 2

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The art of cooking Part 2

traditional cuisine

Surely you have ever heard: "I learned to cook with María Luisa".

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Delallama reissues the second part of The Art of Cooking, the essential vademecum by María Luisa García, forty-one years after the first edition. The work, which already expanded and completed the Asturian stew recipe book in its day, returns to feed a new generation.

This second part retains its characteristic blue color and the usual photographs and recipes, as well as its hardcover format, designed to withstand the passage of time and daily consultations between stoves and dishes. María Luisa's books, conceived to be useful, end up lasting longer than any electrical appliance. They don't understand planned obsolescence.

Maria Luisa García (1919-2019) achieved all this, without even trying to, with the two parts of The Art of Cooking, an essential traditional cooking recipe book where simplicity, utility and passion are mixed.

A shopping list, a visit to the market, a pinch of patience, half a cup of affection and María Luisa's book near the stove, always about to get stained with flour or saffron, between two cloves of garlic and the casserole of boiling water. Step by step, the recipe comes out, without millimeter measurements or elaborate ingredients, and it stays in the mind for the next occasion.


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· Author: Maria Luisa Garcia
· ISBN: 978-84-125807-1-6
Format: 15,4 x 21 cm
Pages: 764
· Binding: hard cover, sewn, gloss laminated, round spine.

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