Tareco cider

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Tareco cider

From the apples of an orchard of 3.500 apple trees, La Casería San Juan del Obispo makes this new expression cider mixing indigenous varieties that are pressed using innovative methods such as the selection table or the washing and drying of apples.

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It is presented in bottles of 0,75 l.
CONSUMPTION: Environment at 12 / 13ºC. If possible, keep it cold, during service, in an ice bucket with water and a little ice.

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Arrive San Juan del Obispo, Tinana, Asturias.
Cider made from 100% Asturias apple must, according to certification by the Regulatory Council of the PDO “Sidra de Asturias”.

· Asturian artisan product.

Tasting note:
Frank and persistent fruity aroma in which the apple expands. In the mouth it is intense and substantial, endorsing the fruit in all its splendor. Nuanced acidity, plenty of body. Dry and powerful but balanced finish.

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Weight : 1,38 kg

Farmhouse San Juan del Obispo

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