Scone Maris Hopping Beer

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Scone Maris Hopping Beer

Aromatic and slightly bitter

Scone is a craft beer made with top quality raw materials (without additives or extracts), that is not pasteurized (there is no artificial gasification as in industrial beers). The final result is a natural and fresh assimilation product that preserves its nutritional values ​​and is constantly evolving.

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This Maris Hopping beer was going to be a unique batch due to being something special and out of the line of Scone beers. The great reception and comments of it have made it stay as one more. An aromatic and slightly bitter double IPA with double dry hopping makes it an original beer and very easy to drink.

Beer suitable for celiacs.

It comes in 33 cl bottles.
6,5% vol.


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Scone has been brewing its beers since October 2017 at its own factory located in the Roces industrial estate (Gijón). The brewing room, equipped with EcoBrewTech technology, has an annual production capacity of 960 Hcl, and the labeling and packaging machine allows them to bottle in two bottle formats (33 and 75 cl).

· Artisan product of Asturias.

· INGREDIENTS: Water, barley malt, hops and yeast.
· Alcohol content: 6,5% Vol.
Colour: 6 EBC
· Bitterness: 20 IBUS
Prodigality: High
Vivacity: High

Fermentation type: Ale. // Style: Ipa / DDH.
Conservation / Validity / Expiration:
Save Potential: Save is not recommended.

· Vista (color): bright golden blonde with a very white and dense crown of foam.
· Nose (smell): very aromatic beer, since 60% of the hops used are to provide aroma in the beer. The first contact is reminiscent of tropical citrus due to the prominence of Mosaic (Lemon, mango, tropical fruits). You can identify notes of grapefruit and peach, herbaceous tones.
· Boca (taste): at the entrance it shares the sensations described in the aroma. Malty flavors come out in the background that remind us of bread, raw bread or bread crumbs. Sweet finish without a trace of bitterness.
· Aftertaste: tropical fruits due to hop load.
· Sensations in the mouth: It is a beer in which we have sought to eliminate the characteristic bitterness of the hops, and bring out the aromas and flavors that it can provide us. It has a large amount of malt, so it has a lot of body in which the hop charge integrates well, leaving a sweet finish. It is balanced, there are no edges that clash in the mouth, which makes it a very easy beer to drink.

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