Recipes to love Asturias

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Recipes to love Asturias

The kitchen of our grandmothers

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In this publication there are recipes, but also introductory texts and comments that explain the evolution of the Principality's cuisine. The author, José Antonio Fidalgo Sánchez, a renowned Asturian gastronomer, says in the introduction: “Asturias, due to the work of its people (peasant, mining, fishing, etc.) and due to climate reasons, is a land of good food. Its traditional cuisine alternates and combines products from the garden, the sea, the valley and the mountains ”.


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Author: José Antonio Fidalgo
· ISBN: 978-84-946581-7-4
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 160
Cover: rustic with flaps
Collection: A Esgaya

Jose Antonio Fidalgo Sanchez (San Juan de Duz, Colunga, 1939) is a retired Physics and Chemistry teacher, writer and gastronome. He has written more than 150 textbooks and almost 100 on gastronomy. A collaborator of LA NUEVA ESPAÑA, he maintains a Facebook page with history and recipes and a collaboration in "La buena noche" (RPA) on Thursdays.

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